Lush Halloween and Christmas Collection 2016! Read read!!

I love LUSH. I love bath bombs. Thank you Lush for inviting me over to unveil your Halloween and Christmas collection this year. =) Really happy to be there!

It was such a happy and fun event! I really enjoyed myself!

 photo CIMG0296_zps0mmhmfbu.jpg

Check out the beautiful treats! I tasted Chloe’s one and was surprised that it was actually not too bad. Look at the coloring, wouldn’t you think they are super sweet?

There were a few stations at the event for us to go and play with, I absolutely love that they allow us to drop the bath bombs into the water, it was so fun and therapeutic looking at all the different bath bombs and the spread of the colors!

 photo Halloween_zpsawx3ot74.png

Alright shall I share with you the collection now?? =D They are so cute and I’m so happy to share with you all their new products!

 photo CIMG0295_zps6p0tsa5a.jpg

First the Halloween Station!! 

The top purple one: Monsters Ball
Top orange: Pumpkin
Top right green one: Lord of Misrule Bomb
Center: Autumn Leaf (damn pretty this baby!)
Bottom orange: Sparkly Pumplin
Bottom White: White ghoul
Bottom: Goth fairy shimmer bar!

 photo CIMG0307_zpsmngpaoku.jpg

The white ghoul (boo) looked like the marshmallow I made in a video 2years ago for halloween lol! Super cute.

 photo CIMG0297_zpsxxqhkj4e.jpg

The beautiful autumn leaf bath bomb!

 photo CIMG0303_zpsdmssd73k.jpg

Here’s me dropping the bathbomb into the water! =D

 photo CIMG0304_zpsxdm2o21d.jpg

Look at this!

 photo CIMG0305_zps3j8r6ybj.jpg

So pretty!! Imagine how it would look like in the bathtub! Ahhhhh..

 photo CIMG0308_zps76wpzluh.jpg

The goth shimmer fairy!

 photo CIMG0300_zpslz8de91b.jpg

I also played with the Monsters Ball! Such a pretty pink!

 photo CIMG0301_zpsizyg1cb9.jpg

Look at the transition! I can never see this in the bathtub though, since it’s all covered up.

Next Christmas station! Night before Christmas! 

 photo CIMG0310_zpsjyjmbsql.jpg

For you to sleep tight and well. =)

 photo CIMG0311_zpsm4eumj4u.jpg

Sleepy body lotion. Interesting!

 photo CIMG0316_zpswy9ol1zq.jpg

Mr Sandman Dusting powder, best enjoyed just before bed!

 photo CIMG0309_zpsg3mnffdr.jpg

Look at the shimmer on my hand!

 photo CIMG0317_zpshrlowipk.jpg

Northern lights bath bomb! One of the prettiest one!

 photo CIMG0315_zpscexyjvjw.jpg

The color combination is so nice!

 photo CIMG0318_zpsr7be5xrw.jpg

All the other products!

 photo CIMG0319_zps02l4nq9g.jpg

Soap bars!

 photo CIMG0320_zps3ug3kl8a.jpg

Check out the Snow Castle (Bottom left) and Baked Alaska on the right plus some others that I have already forgotten the name!

 photo CIMG0322_zpsavsr8je4.jpg

On the right: Shooting stars! They glow in the dark!

 photo CIMG0321_zpsmvjbze9c.jpg

So pretty!

 photo CIMG0323_zps3zhimwgo.jpg

 photo CIMG0324_zpsjnmcienz.jpg

 photo CIMG0326_zps3cfpyj1l.jpg

Reindeer rocks! Every piece look different!

 photo CIMG0327_zpsqi7ehaqe.jpg

Fireside! This one is really warm!

 photo CIMG0329_zpsgb1the7e.jpg

Went to the next station! Sprinkle of Magic where the popular Snow Fairy is located!

 photo CIMG0334_zps17jwsevx.jpg

Fairy Dust Dusting powder!

 photo CIMG0332_zpsf9d0aiaa.jpg

 photo CIMG0331_zpslwia3hpu.jpg

I tried the conditioner and it is so soft on the skin! Can be used on the hair as a conditioner as well! But not too much of course, it can be too heavy on the hair if you put too much of it.

 photo CIMG0333_zps4s2iaiky.jpg

My hand with the fairy dusting powder!

There’s also this very cute product call the PAPA NOEL!! This is a face wash jelly!! It is so fun to hold it!

 photo CIMG0365_zpsl3um0hdn.jpg

 photo CIMG0366_zpsggnyhmjr.jpg

Super wobbly!!!

After playing with the papa noel, I went back to the bath bomb areas again. =P

 photo CIMG0336_zpsuuzu2n4o.jpg

 photo CIMG0337_zpsfvux0zuv.jpg

This so white smells damn good by the way! This will result in apple green bath and refreshing as falling snow!

 photo CIMG0338_zpsvccz6djp.jpg

Cute christmasy bath wands! Magic wand and santasaurus!! So cute!

 photo CIMG0340_zps65wuxbfa.jpg

one of the bath bombs, but I forgot the name. =( this one is damn pretty!

 photo CIMG0343_zpsnunrodag.jpg

This can be used as a bronzer!

Then here’s the self preserve station! All the natural stuffs!

 photo CIMG0345_zpskmnohhlm.jpg

The gift sets!

 photo CIMG0346_zps15tpcwnd.jpg

Me and the cute christmas penguin! Pic taken by June!

 photo use_zpsbjx8a9ia.jpg

Shower gel area! 

 photo CIMG0367_zpsgzfhveuk.jpg

 photo CIMG0368_zps42c9jkfd.jpg

Super wobbly shower jelly!!

 photo CIMG0369_zpsil9et4zy.jpg

Christingle Body Conditioner. Smells like peppermint and menthol and it is very cooling on the skin! In a very pretty mint color too!

 photo CIMG0370_zps9mlfamuq.jpg

Salt and peppermint Bark shower scrub!

 photo CIMG0371_zpstyadnmll.jpg

 photo use2_zpsnseo9w4r.jpg

and finally a selfie with magic bubble wand! =D

There are too many cute stuffs and I just want to buy everything. My favourite is the Papa Noel, Christingle, Autumn Leaf Bathbomb, northern light and all the wobbly jelly soap lol! Gonna find one day to go down Lush again!

And once again, thank you Lush for having me and thanks so much for the sweet goodies! =)

 photo DSC02200_zpsxdmv5epi.jpg

 photo DSC02201_zpsbqzlrxsq.jpg

Was very excited when I saw keep cup in the bag! Simon will be reviewing this btw. =)

 photo DSC02202_zpsmu60btzb.jpg

And also a Christmas Party gift set!

Contains Bubbly Showergel, Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly, Reindeer & Robin Fun and Baked Alaska Soap bar! 

If you’re wondering what is Fun: Fun is a brilliant innovation combining soap, shampoo, bubble bath, and malleable toy into a single roll. Each color has a unique scent that evokes fond childhood memories of things like fresh baking and candies! 2.5% of sales from every bar of FUN is contributed to the FUNd, a LUSH initiative which supports charities in Fukushima, Japan that create safe places for children to play outside. 🙂 

 photo DSC02204_zpsuvxzcn7d.jpg

can’t wait to use them! 🙂

Go check out their Halloween and Christmas Collection now over at! =) Everyone should play with bathbombs!! 😀

Till the next!

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