[S-series] Furama Riverfront Hotel Chillax Staycation Review! Promo code for you!

Lai, watch the video here!

Hi people,

Welcome to Furama Riverfront!

Now you may think this hotel does not look like much from the outside, expecially when compared to the other spanking new buildings popping up in Singapore over the years. But you’re in for a surprise dear friends.


We stayed a night in one of their Courtyard Club Room. We dropped our luggage in the room and head straight to the Executive Lounge for coffee. The access to the Executive Lounge is included in the room price, where complimentary breakfast and evening cocktails are served. 

I think this is a great incentive, looking as to how atas (means: high class) this lounge look and feels. A staff attended to us as soon as we opened the door, and apologized that there wasn’t any food available at that time. We came just before evening cocktail so they were still preparing in the kitchen. Then she made us our coffee like a barista. I feel like a boss in the lounge. 

The lounge is furnished with modern designer furniture makes us feel like we’re in a hipster cafe.





We sat for half an hour till the kitchen laid out a spread of complimentary refreshments. To be honest, the spread is good enough to serve as our dinner, an atas dinner at that.


Savoury canapes


Sushi spread


Different types of cheeses too atas for me to recognize.


Cheese cake canapes


Dessert shots


The satay was really good! The dumplings so-so. 


I love the sweet potato sticks, croquette taste like.. croquettes..


They also serve a limited selection of alcoholic drinks.

I think getting one of the Club Rooms at Furama is great value because they give you access to the Executive Lounge. We can basically spend the whole day lazing in the lounge and waiting for food to be served. 

 After the lounge, we went back into our room and started really exploring every corner of it.


Claire thought the natural light was great for touching up her make up and a selfie.


The courtyard of our courtyard room. Well if you’re looking for absolute privacy then you can stay under the table. Because this area is open air, only a few vines to serve as a ‘roof’. This also mean that if it rains, which is like a daily affair in tropical Singapore, you’ll be drenched, unless you really hide under the table. Other guests who stay on higher floors will also be able to see you, if they choose to spy on you, when you sit in the courtyard. I don’t really care that much though, just chill.

The courtyard also has a zen pond full of water hyacinths, the sound of flowing water from the pseudo bamboo water outlet is calming, to some degree. 


There’s a large bathtub in the ensuite bathroom.


Here’s an overview of the room. Its got all you’ll ever need for a short stay in a hotel, and a huge bed with a super large duvet. Now I won’t have to worry about Claire stealing that blanket away from me because its just too big. Comfort level 5/5.

All Courtyard rooms also has direct access to the pool. And there will always be a few giant floats in the pool for guests to play with. Here you see the one-winged flamingo, the left wing is gone, unfortunately. There’s also a dolphin. The floats were a big draw to the kiddos. 



Here’s the door from the room to the pool. Cool right? There’s also a water slide playground in this area, but because its too crowded with kids up there so we didn’t manage to take a nice pic. Just FYI so you couples with kids can bring them there for a fun day.

Well we don’t have all day, because we are going to have our dinner at The Square @ Furama! Its a buffet restaurant and we are going to stuff ourselves silly there!


Once we’re shown to our table, we headed straight to the food! Please enjoy the following photos.




Dory fillet with sun-dried tomatoes i think…




Might be congee with a nice spread of condiments.







Sashimi and raw seafood!


Assorted sushi, and that’s me with that huge lump of wasabi.


They even provided Nanyang style kopi and teh. Not expensive but a nice thought nonetheless, I love it!


And of course, coffee and tea for the ang mo guests.


After we’re nicely stuffed, we took a cab to Orchard hoping to soak in the Christmas vibe. Bought ourselves Thai Milk Tea and entertained ourselves by teasing each other. That’s what we do everyday anyways. Nothing special here. LOL.

Thus ends the night.

Good Morning Folks!

Here’s day 2, well there’s nothing much to talk about for Day 2s of a typical staycation right? It’ll just be waking up, going for breakfast buffet, then prepare to leave the premise. Its the same thing with us, only that we requested for late check out and the hotel allowed it. Win.

We, of course, woke up late and nearly missed breakfast. That explains why our photos of the buffet breakfast at The Square @ Furama looks kinda pathetic. I’m 100% sure it looks darn awesome when they started the breakfast session, its our fault for being late.

Well here goes:



This dish is bacon, not the bread. I think they include a layer of bread to absorb the excess grease. Thoughful!


DIY noodle station.






I can never resist prata with curry, so I filled half my plate with it.

After breakfast, we still have plenty of time before we check out, so we went exploring again. The Gym is quite well equiped, but its quite small though. Laundry is expensive in my opinion, I think that’s the standard price though. 



After that we just stayed in the room and watched a movie before having to leave, finally. DSC09367

I must say, this Waterfall Lounge near the main lobby where they have a bar and an impressive artificial waterfall outside. We could’ve spend all day sitting here staring at the waterfall. I know I could. Next time, maybe. 


And so that’s the end of ourstaycation. Its about 3 or 4pm in the afternoon at that time, Furama Riverfront is a great choice IMO. Its great value covering many grounds, so much so that we feel we actually didn’t have to leave the hotel at all during our stay. Maybe just stock up on your favourite snacks before coming and just stay in your room all day. When you start to feel claustrophobic, drop by the Executive Lounge (provided you have the access) or chill at the Waterfall Lounge. We were told that there’s another restaurant here that’s quite popular: Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant. Its usually fully booked on weekends. Sounds cool.

If you ask me, when the going gets tough and you feel like you can’t go on, just book a stay at Furama Riverfront and chill your stress away!

Furama RiverFront, Singapore

405 Havelock Road Singapore 169633
Tel: (65) 6333 8898
Fax: (65) 6733 1588

From now till 31 April 2018, you can book your stay and enjoy 25% off Flexi for Executive Club & Courtyard Club and 10% off FuramaKids Package – Family & Theme Room when you use the promo code: claireaudreylim!! You can make the booking via this link – https://goo.gl/Bpgrq2 – definitely a good steal!!

Yours faithfully,