[S-series] Netflix, our new addiction.

Netflix is not healthy.

When we got our TV, we didn’t do the mod to add more data lan points in our home, so there’s only that one and only lan point in our living room… We gave priority to our wifi router so the TV box is left to rot in our spare room. And that also meant no Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel on TV. Basically means nothing but surfing the net with our new TV lah.

Then this TV has netflix app in it, so out of curiosity, I signed up.

I have no interest in dramas actually, I only watch Discovery or nothing. Its more useful, to increase my braininess (my goodness this is a word) so I can impress my wifey with my smarts, but it often has the opposite effect on Claire.. But everything changed after I started watching ‘The Get Down’…

1364177219920 The Get Down was really good, its set in the 70s South Bronx, USA. A TV-drama that touch on racism in politics, corruption and gangsters. Drugs and violence behind the DJ rap battles, rhymes, graffiti and senseless unicorn-dreaming-girls. Cool as shit ladies and gentlemen, like ice cool yo. Ya’ll just gotta watch’it bruh. So instead of doing household chores or cooking meals, we were glued to the TV for what seemed like ‘a while only’. Weird though, the a while is enough for the sun to set and darkness blankets the living world outside, our stomachs growls but the noises were fallen on deaf ears as we gave our full attention to the TV. Luckily the shows doesn’t last forever, so we do have breaks in between those awesome shows to do what we should be doing instead of wasting all our time on being a couch potato until going to become potato salad already… DSC06973

Set your priorities, then watch Netflix. Oh Netflix you evil evil thing..


P.S. and now we started on the House of Cards. It has 4 seasons of political scandals. Enough said. *off to watch TV*