[S-series] Birthday at Level33 and Caran D’Ache X Paul Smith 849 Ballpoint Pen Review

Hi guys,

Its been weeks since my birthday, getting older steadily now. But I haven’t talked about it here at all. Well mainly because its a personal event ma right, why must share everything leh? But I always contradict myself, so now all of a sudden, I’m gonna talk about it…

My birthday was a Saturday, so Claire planned a treat to commemorate the day. She told me about this Level 33 place since forever, but we never went there together due to the pricey menu items.. But since its a special day so we splurge on our dinner.

The place is at the CBD area overlooking the Marina Bay.  There are 2 types of seats as far as I know. The normal restaurant seating inside the air-conditioned area, and the awesome balcony area which requires you to spend up to 60bucks per pax. We came all this way of course we would wanna take the balcony seats, but I’m really cheapskate, so I would want to spend just enough to make the 60bucks per pax clause. Even though I’m not the one paying.. Her money = money for our future home. LOL.

The view is AWESOME! at 33 stories, you can see the whole Marina Bay and the surrounding area! Too atas liao this place, one year can only come one time.. Alright here comes the food:

 photo IMG_2072_zpsmlwwbwr8.jpg

Claire raved about one of their beef starter dish a lot ever since she had it a while back when she had a chance to come here. So when she look through the menu, I really believed that she knew what she was ordering. But when the beef dish comes (its called Tartare on their dinner menu), I was a little confused seeing her stunned face. She said: “It looks a little different, I think I also forgotten what it looked like.. Nevermind it must be this one!” So we ate it the way I assume it should be had. Meat on the biscuit sprinkled with the seasonings.. Its actually raw beef.. and we don’t like raw beef. Now she look even more puzzled.. But I ate most of it anyways… (its so expensive here!)

We saw the next table ordered these Roasted Pork Belly, I really couldn’t resist it, so we were flipping through the menu but couldn’t find it.. Then I picked up the ‘beer menu’ thinking it will be all drinks in it, thats when I realised there are food items in it too! There are 2 types of menu here, Dinner menu and Beer menu with all the ‘finger food’. The roast pork was simply called Pig. When it came, I’m already drooling all over it. Those generously cut, juicy chunks of fat melts in your mouth! By the way, Claire hastily looked through the Beer menu and found her lengendary beef dish.. it was the Sizzler Beef. 

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of it.. The sizzler beef were cubes of black angus beef with wasabi and soy sauce on a hot plate. It was a simple dish I assumed, but its simply a match made in Heaven! <3 <3 <3

 photo IMG_2067_zpstl7yxglk.jpg

this is the sizzler beef uploaded by claire! 

After 3 courses of starters, we were already too bloody full for our main course. Luckily we only ordered one to share. and here comes the I-forgot-its-name… (Beef and reef!) Its a sirloin beef chunk with lobster and was it prawns on a giant slice of baked potato. Lovely. But I was too stuffed to fully enjoy it..

The dining at LeVeL 33 was an eye-opening can-opener type of experience for me. Both the tall commanding view and the steep price of the food items scares me in equal portions. But I’m glad that its a casual dining setting so I still enjoyed it, not so stressful like those fine dining stuff.

And my lovely wife paid for it all. 🙂

Check out some of the prices from the menu!

 photo IMG_2073_zpsjwcxfqyy.jpg

 photo IMG_2070_zps8l07vsba.jpg

 photo IMG_2069_zpsf30bl5im.jpg

inserted by claire again! 😛


Then comes the present for the birthday boy (by now it should be over a month ago..)

Caran D’Ache X Paul Smith 849 Ballpoint Pen!

I loved it to bits! But because I can’t bare to scratch it so I’m so not gonna use it.. I ended up getting another Caran D’Ache 849 Pen…

In boring black. Well. I’m a guy ma. so.. Yeah.

As usual, ball point pen isn’t the smoothest writing pen in the market. But its reliability wins. This pen is made of mostly aluminium, but its light-weight and really compact in my hand. My EDC pen this is, I stick it in my pocket wherever I go nowadays. And wifey’s gift shall stay safely on display at home. 🙂

OK I wanna go sleep now. Ciao guys.

Simon Tey