E12: Castlery Furnitures & Butter Studio Bakery Cafe Halal Certified!

Hi People, continue from my previous post!

But first, a ootd!

 photo IMG_0453_zpsvzt9rcgu.jpg

Took this photo when I was on the way to Hock Siong. ^^v

Top: Forever 21
Outerwear: Muji
Denim Tights: Uniqlo
Shoes: Superga

When I walked into Butter Studio, I had no idea that this is where Daphy ordered the cupcakes from for Athirah’s farewell. We went in because we were tired. tired from sourcing household items.

 photo DSC01411_zpsovk32pzb.jpg

Butter Studio – Hand-baked goodness.

 photo DSC01414_zpsqmxookmy.jpg

I wanted to try every single one of them except for the chocolate one (mainstream) because they are so beautiful!

 photo DSC01416_zpsxyvjnvzj.jpg

The cupcakes. I tried the salted gula melaka one by the way. :p I want to try the lady ispahan cake the next time because the colours and the flavours (rose scented, raspberry and lychee!) they are just so attractive!

 photo DSC01417_zpsn6donxy4.jpg

the rose pistachio sounds like a great idea too!

 photo DSC01418_zpskcavk3f1.jpg

Ordered flat white as usual. Simon and I thought of using this board for our house as well because we want to act like we are chef and barista. HAHAHA.

 photo DSC01420_zpsr8wwqxqa.jpg

I loved this fan but my living room has no space for ceiling fan already.

 photo DSC01421_zpsaymdmwqb.jpg

I think the decor at butter studio is pretty cool and unique. Its like a combination of rustic plus industrial.

 photo DSC01422_zpsoqsklbep.jpg

am not a fan of sweet stuffs actually. Don’t really crave for cakes or cupcakes but whenever I eat cupcakes I just feel happy, maybe because they are very delicate and beautiful? I’m weird like that. But the salted gula melaka from Butter studio is really good! I super love it!

 photo DSC01423_zpsoedwbght.jpg

On top of the cream frosting, lays the shredded coconut and chocolate chips.

 photo DSC01426_zpsnyaj4ilk.jpg

 photo DSC01431_zpsqmjkgyky.jpg

our flat white doesn’t really go well with the cake. :p

 photo DSC01433_zpstncotekd.jpg

It was really good. But a suggestion here! Would be even better if the palm sugar can be more! 😀

 photo DSC01435_zpsakszan9j.jpg

After my happy treat, our last stop was at Castlery. Talking about this, I just went down to Castlery yesterday. I won the miller coffee table from their collaboration contest with the Singapore Coffee Festival. I’m very excited because this is the exact table that we wanted to buy initially! It was $499 which explains why we took so long to decide. BUT NOW I WIN IT WAHAHHAA. But I also spend another $800 for the miller tv console because matchy matchy then look nice. oh god..

 photo DSC01436_zpsvpuznnpy.jpg

Castlery’s opening hours.

 photo DSC01438_zpskubrhay1.jpg

Pretty furnitures!

So now my sofa, tv console and coffee table are all from Castlery. I haven’t update about my stay at the new house yet, long story again will explain next time. But before I end this post.

Dinner was at ABC market!! Had fried oyster after such a long time!!!! 

 photo DSC01439_zps9zs9fntz.jpg

TANGLIN fried oyster.

 photo DSC01442_zpskj2ldvy9.jpg

Look at the ORH (oysters!!) sighhh so sinful but so goooood.

 photo DSC01444_zpsf8d0kpe5.jpg

and this bowl of meat. sedap!

I am finally ending my post here, just fyi I’m going away again. Don’t know if I should bring my laptop to blog anot cos it feels weird when I travel and not blog. zzz. Excited to visit my 2nd favourite place after 2-3years. Hope to travel to my 1st favourite place soon too. Why can’t we have more leaves, 14 is sooo not enough.. 🙁

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