I can have Mcdonald Curry sauce in a big bottle now!!!

Had been very very busy. Rushing for my blog then work then blog then work.. it’s like working really for 17 hours… since I sleep 6 hours and 1 hour is for exercise. lol!

While I was busy clearing my work today, Simon tagged me on facebook because mothership.sg blogged about Mcdonald selling their curry sauce in BOTTLES. Holy crap!! 375ml of curry sauce!

I love curry sauce so so much, it’s my must have when I’m at Mac’s. For fries, for burger, for nuggets. I eat all their food with the sauce other than the chilli.

Simon also has this ex colleague that is super crazy over the sauce, this guy eats curry sauce with rice too!

Anyway I am thinking of getting one BUT it’s very sinful right? And I doubt I can finish it though… which makes me wonder is there any expiry date? And what can I eat it with..

The Curry sauce in a bottle costs $4.50 with any extra value meal, limited to 4 purchases per single receipt so if you are interested you can start to get them from 21 July, while stocks last!

For more info you can always check out here. ^^

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