[S-series] Leagoo Shark 1 after a while.. Finally review!! 

Hi again,

I’m back with the review this time. After using the Leagoo Shark 1 for a week, ok to be honest, using it is like playing with it for a couple hours a day, then I switch back to my original phone. I do that mainly due to its size and weight, I was never a fan of big and chunky phone, my own S6 is the limit, anything larger is too big.

But that aside, its pretty darn amazing for a smartphone in today’s standards to survive one week on a single charge. Serious. The last time I charged it was when I first received it, that’s it. I haven’t got the need to charge till I went and came back from my holiday one more week later when I’m writing this post. Counting that it’s like 14 days? Two weeks on a single charge! My Samseng would’ve died within two days even if I didn’t run any games..

General features:

  1. Running on Android Lollipop from factory
  2. Highest Li-Polymer battery capacity in the world at 6300mAh in a 8.5mm thick body.
  3. 6″ Full HD screen in Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3
  4. 1.3GHz octacore processor and 3GB RAM
  5. Ability to charge other phones acting like a power bank

Specs check out their site here.


The body of the phone is plastic, there’re 2 ports, the audio jack on top and the micro usb at the bottom. On the right side there’s the volume rocker and lock buttons, on the left side is the sim card and micro SD card slots. This phone accepts dual sim cards. the 6″ Screen is what gives it the premium feel in my opinion, just cover the whole front part of the phone with glass and look posh, anytime. On the back there’s the camera and LED flash, fingerprint sensor (yes, nice feature to have for sure) and the speaker.

The lack of hardware home button is a common problem nowadays, I love my hardware buttons…


In my usage, like browsing the internet and running the camera app, it has little or no lag, its like using a flagship phone, things happen instantly. When you want something, it delivers fast. on the specs it stated that this phone is running an octa-core processor, well I think I can be convinced with that. The screen resolution looks pleasing to my eyes, nothing like those cheap pixelated stuff you would expect in phones at this price point. Nothing to complain about here.


The phone sports a 13mp back camera and 5mp front selfie camera. I don’t take selfies, and have no intention to show my ugly face here, so no I’m not testing the selfie cam. LOL. The back camera though generates nice clean jpegs straight from camera, in good lighting that is. Well to be fair, most cameras will not be able to give you clean shots in dimly lit places. So yes, its good enough.

I did notice that the colours are a little washed out. Well it just rained and the room is really dark now so I won’t fault it for shooting at high iso (which explains the washed out colour and grains in the pictures).

Here are a couple of cheap shots in my messy room. (only 1 and 2 are from the phone in question)

No bokeh.

a little bit of bokeh

It even features focus tracking!


So fast conclusion liao! well to me, a general user, I don’t really care about all the tech numbers about my phone. It connects to the network fast, wifi is speedy for general websurfing, responsive to all my random openings of apps on the phone. Can take decent pictures. There’s nothing more for me to want with a phone here. In the gallery mode, I can even put filters to my pictures much like what instagram does to our photos. Cool features I would say.

Using it tho, to be honest, its not the best experience in my opinion. I’ve never owned an iphone and the lack of back and home button is infuriating. For example, I open a browser app, then I wanna go back to the previous page, oh shit how do I go back? Where’s that back button?? While there is a floating menu thingy that I’ve seen on iphones and some other phones, it doesn’t have a back button. I love my back button, so where’s my back button now? Oh darn it I need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the usual combo of back, home and whatever-that’s-called buttons… So for the first 2 days I was lost, till I accidentally swiped up on the 3rd day, bringing up salvation in the form of 3 buttons..

Well all of the above are my own views, everyone is different, like me loving hardware buttons might be just me not moving forward with the trends. If you ask me if I would get this phone, I would get a smaller version of this phone if there is a smaller version.. For the price it gives us excellent value, everything I need in a modern smartphone and massive battery capacity, its even heavy enough to pack a punch when facing off with a large dog. But I just can’t get over the size of the phone; how it will look in my pants pocket, and the hidden back button..

If you’re not like me with my weird-ness, please do not hesitate. Unless you got money to burn, then go ahead and get that big and flat, metal bodied, fruit-themed phone.

Yours truly,

Simon Tey