Explore P5 – We went to the AIA Music Run 2016!

Categorizing this post under our explore series because this is our first run together! Anyway I just created a explore series category so it’s easier for you if you want to check out where we go and what we do as a married couple. There might be videos in the future #justsaying. :p

If you remember, I actually blogged about this, so when I got the passes I was really excited!

It was a very fun music festival btw! The only bad thing about the run is that you couldn’t run much. Most of the people were enjoying the music and busy taking selfies and photos!

We took about an hour or more to finish the whole 5km, cos we were very busy trying to take photos and videos, haven’t use the GoPro for awhile. :p

Anyway, I think I should stop typing and just share the photos with you!

 photo 2014-01-02 19.42.15_zpsxtpce6oh.jpg

 photo IMG_9804_zpsqphlfmfm.jpg

Coffee Bandits’ coffee are awesome!

 photo IMG_9803_zpsyf2hicl4.jpg

 photo IMG_9805_zpselnweupz.jpg

Start running!

 photo IMG_9806_zpsjljivfxo.jpg

First one, the ROCK Zone!

 photo 2014-01-02 19.58.37_zpsse9wpqfv.jpg

wanted to go on the bike but too many people, I’m too shy! haha.

The 2nd one! Pop Zone!

 photo 2014-01-02 20.02.39_zps97xdjdi2.jpg

 photo IMG_9808_zpsep8kcuod.jpg

The very cute Pop Candy land! We can play with the big balls! purposely sabo people LOL.

 photo IMG_9807_zpsvaygz5js.jpg

3rd one! Hip Hop!

 photo IMG_9812_zpst2hztsxn.jpg


 photo 2014-01-02 20.22.53_zps4cjk8jnj.jpg

As you can see, I’m getting tired! lol.

 photo IMG_9811_zpslpeabdei.jpg

4th one the old school zone!

 photo IMG_9810_zpsxhhohyuk.jpg

 photo 2014-01-02 20.13.05_zps4eavztnj.jpg


 photo IMG_9809_zpsj5iuvxdn.jpg

 photo 2014-01-02 20.27.19_zpsxup5ft36.jpg

Last one the Dance Zone! Paiseh if I get the sequence wrong. Near the finishing line, we stopped at one of the vending machine and bought Fuji Apple hahahaha! cos I was damn thirsty!

 photo IMG_9814_zpsrlqhcdq5.jpg

 photo IMG_9815_zpssvtovfwi.jpg

And finally the finishing line! So sad though!

 photo IMG_9816_zpsqkpkqavu.jpg

The medal! After that we just went ahead to party!

 photo IMG_9817_zpswktk1ctu.jpg

 photo IMG_9820_zpsektq1x3r.jpg

 photo IMG_9818_zpsfmkvqjf5.jpg

 photo IMG_9819_zpsd3rnkkhu.jpg

 photo IMG_9825_zpsuuuzfuol.jpg

 photo IMG_9821_zpsrwxsr5dj.jpg

 photo IMG_9822_zpsiuvhtlon.jpg

 photo IMG_9824_zpsnwninfb4.jpg

It was a really fun day! Especially when I’m stuck in Singapore now I really enjoyed this special event! This music run is for people who love running and music! How nice to not have your ear phones irritate you when you’re running! The best part is it’s non competitive, no stress at all!

Did I mention that the tickets were all sold out? It’s so amazing! There were 120 speakers along the track if you’re wondering!

We really enjoyed ourselves and am looking forward to 2017! You guys should consider going! You will have a good time! =)

Thank you Ninemer for the invitation =D