Manhattan Fish Market – The Curry Hill Seafood is so spicy!

Random post today but I want to share my experience with you incase next time you want to order and try out the Curry Hill Seafood dish.

I was having a strong craving for curry but for whatever reason I just walked into Manhattan with Simon lol!

We ordered onion rings before our main, kinda disappointed as I thought it was way too oily and wasnt crispy enough. 🙁

 photo IMG_9263_zpsee5f5vmk.jpg

 photo IMG_9264_zpsjgnlm6hb.jpg

Looks like potato wedges but they are just big chunks of onions.

For my main, I ordered this Curry Hill seafood with tiger prawns which were so spicy!! Omg. All I could taste was chilli chilli and chilli.

 photo IMG_9265_zpsc3zhbxj8.jpg

The curry seafood comes with fried tempura and baguette, fyi the baguette is fried. I only found out its fried after eating like half of it. Got abit upset cos its so unhealthy haha. -.-

 photo IMG_9266_zpsnirslmon.jpg

I couldnt taste the fish well because of the spiciness. The prawn was overcooked imo. The clams was still alright.

 photo IMG_9267_zpspjbokjk8.jpg

 photo IMG_9268_zpskrkpa68p.jpg

 photo IMG_9269_zpsm6uzsmfp.jpg

I shdnt eat seafood but I cant help it hehe. Though its a waste of calories.

While I was suffering.. Simon enjoyed his feesh and cheese… I really regret not ordering fish and chips.. The cheese just helped me to wash away all the spiciness. So damn shiok!

 photo IMG_9270_zpsaendl1wo.jpg

Moral of the story. Should order what the restaurant is good at producing. meh.. Anyway the outlet I went to is the Plaza Sing’s one.