My new Iphone 6! (vlog)

Guys finally after like so long I got my new phone! And to be honest Im not excited because its a IPHONE 6  im more excited becos FINALLY I OWN A PHONE! Alot of background story which is quite lame if I talk about it. Then anyway since I have a youtube channel now I decided to jump into the trend and do a whats on my iphone video =D

So I did this! Thank you for watching and subscribing. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!
I start to put my life more into the internet world, I know one day I might regret but Im having alot fun lately. I open up to you guys.. I share my life with you guys and YOU seem to be interested! Anyway my new apartment is going to be ready soon so when everything is done, we will move in and you will have tons of chance to see my daily crazy vlogs with simon. hahahha I was born to entertain. or maybe we. LOL! OK bye Im going to blog a heart to heart episode post again Im so emotional lately.

Hope you enjoy this and byebye!
With lots and lots and lots of love,