[Simonseries] Living with Claire Ep6: I always do random stuffs with her. Sparklers time.

Hey guys,

The mid-autumn festival was a few many weeks ago, but sparklers can be played anytime right? I happened to have boxes of them in my bag, I dunno why I pack them in. We went to Fort Canning Hill to do a shoot to be used in our wedding invitation. I can’t show it here before I finished and send them out. Maybe after that I will show how I make them and stuff. But till then lah.

We both had something to do during the day, so I told her we would meet in the evening I’m thinking 5.30 when there will still be some sunlight. But I dunno its me or her, I remember I was a little pissed off because we were late and the sun is setting liao. So I dragged her all the way up the hill to catch the last light. Good thing about me is I usually don’t remember bad stuffs. Lol. I remember vaguely though that she was a bit apologetic and she got that 5-yr-old-kid-who-did-something-wrong look on her, I just thought that was really adorable that I really can’t stay angry at her.

Anyways we did the shoot and got 1 usable photo before the light disappeared completely. So we ended up walking around the hill and checking out new things the nparks put there (and couples making out, at this hour..). She was getting tired and cranky after a while. So I thought we can go to Liang Court for dinner and end the day there. While we descend the hill, I suddenly remembered I got sparklers in my bag. So I asked, at first she said she was scared. But I told her no need to be afraid. I think my actual words was “aiyah scared what scared, if you don’t try then how you know, everything also scared then everything don’t do loh!!” She wasn’t convinced anyways but I made her play with it anyways. Lol.

I lighted a couple of them then I let her hold it, she just held it and froze in fear. So after it extinguished, she was still scared, but when I ask her u got kena burn meh, she said no. Then she attained enlightenment. So in the end we made a few photos painting with the sparklers.

 photo _jpeg IMG_0880_zpskqiozo6e.JPG

 photo _jpeg IMG_0883_zpswvo2vqy9.jpg

 photo _jpegIMG_0884_zpsa9fbc1d4.jpg

Too bad its unplanned and I only have 3 boxes of them, the fun was rather shortlived. Oh well.. at least after all that when I ask her how she felt again, she said she was tired but it was really fun. Hahaha. (But I stupidly got burnt.)