Face Gua Sha and Age Defense Treatment at Geranium Skin Boutique!!

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Turning 26 is a scary thing. This means that I am no longer in my mid twenties and I am hitting my thirties soon.

No more cheap skin care options as I have to look for really good products to help and lift, firm and prevent my skin from sagging. I used to think that I should only use anti aging products when I hit 25, but I was wrong. Should have start anti aging when I was 22 or 23.

I am generally okay with my skin but I am unhappy with the visible pores and laughing lines!! I really want to do something about them but I don’t have the time to go and research on the different clinics and the different kind of treatments that I can do for my face.

So imagine my thrill when I got to know that I am going to Geranium Skin and Hair Boutique to try out their signature Face Gua Sha and Age Defense TM treatment! The first thing I did was to go to their facebook to check out their customers’ reviews and I felt so relieved after reading them because everyone has positive comments on their services and treatments. 🙂

I know you must be thinking FACE GUA SHA? ARE YOU SERIOUS? ISN’T THAT PAINFUL?

Well those were my thoughts initially.. because I thought it’s going to be like guasha on the body, which is scaryyy.. But it is not. It is so comfortable and painless that I actually fell asleep inside while Simon is still talking to me. =x

If you’re thinking how the technique of FACE GUA SHA works and how does this treatment benefits our skin: 

  1. It stimulates our facial muscles – tighten and firm them!
  2. Remove toxin from our body/organs.
  3. Encourage lymphatic drainage
  4. Promotes blood and “Qi” circulation on our face (Helps to increase cells renewal for a younger looking skin)
  5. Reduce water retention, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles – Say byebye to aging and puffy face!

Interesting, isn’t it?

As this is a facial, extractions will be involved. I honestly hate extractions, man I even tell them that. I was trembling when it comes to the extraction part but Eunice, my beautician really did a good job on my face.

I will be lying if I say the extractions are not painful at all okay? Everyone knows it hurts, but it is bearable and very worth it!!

I shall share with you the full treatment and steps that I went through and let me tell you, the FACE GUA SHA really works wonders.

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Geranium Skin & Hair Boutique is located at BH Building, very near Lavender MRT and this is the Shopfront.

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Some of their products.

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The room.

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This is me after changing and lying on the bed.

Like I mentioned earlier I will be doing their Signature Face Gua Sha and the Age Defense treament to prevent premature ageing. 

As the treatment name goes, Age Defense is an anti-aging treatment enriched with:

-amino acids to stimulate collagen synthesis, aids in firming and nourishes the skin
-Cinnamon to promote blood circulation
-Hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin
-Thyme, Cypress and rosemary to tone and rejuvenate

This treatment is recommended for age 25 and above. So yes definitely suitable for me.

First – Eunice cleansed and remove my makeup for me as I had my makeup on.

 photo 4_zpsftp1gunc.jpg

Second, exfoliation for soft and smooth skin.

 photo 5_zpsy2po3h3i.jpg

Geranium uses this technique call Gommage. This is a very gentle technique and won’t hurt your skin. The cream on the face have to dried up before Eunice can proceed to rub them off, allowing the outer layer dead skin cells to come off.

 photo 6_zpsnb6oevnw.jpg

Rub rub rub.. I love this step.

 photo 7_zpsiekpoht1.jpg

Tada this is the skin after exfoliating! So shiny and glowy! Even that rough part on my chin becomes smoother too!

The next step which is the third step – It is TIME FOR EXTRACTION! I haven’t do extraction for more than 5years, I know there must be a lot of stubborn heads in my face.

 photo 10_zpsd6xjqwoa.jpg

This is the scariest part. What is good about Eunice is that she don’t force my blackheads out. She is very careful and gentle.

I like that she apply cold compress immediately to the area that are being extracted because it is very cooling and refreshing. Almost make me forget that I just went through an extraction. But of course the purpose of the compress is not only to make me feel better but to calm, heal the skin and reduce redness.

 photo 11_zpsl2u59mnw.jpg

Whole face done! 😀

 photo 12_zpsfnyxjkts.jpg

Usually my face will be super red after extraction, but this time it isn’t! All thanks to the cold compress that she used. =)

The forth step is firming and lifting with organic cinnamon. She apply this in house cinnamon mixture cream onto my laughing lines and under lips area for a few minutes. This is for firming and to prevent skin from sagging.

 photo 13_zpsfyfb40gg.jpg

Eunice slowly massage the area so that the cream will get absorbed. During this period I experienced some minor warm sensation on the areas and this is perfectly normal.

 photo 14_zpspygydte0.jpg

 photo 15_zps86w427y0.jpg

After that, Eunice applied the cream on my face too. She let the cream sit on my face for less than 5minutes because I have sensitive skin and she helped me to cleanse my face right after that.

 photo 16_zpscvhx6jix.jpg

Rosemary oil is applied onto the skin before she do the GUA SHA on me.

Eunice said she will gua sha on the left side on my face first so I will be able to see the difference!

 photo 16.5_zpsxjvbgfhl.jpg

Look at this! Checked out my left, which is your right, my eyebrow and cheeks are significantly higher :O Amazing man!

I am really amazed with the FACE GUA SHA, gives instant results and it is so damn comfortable!

 photo 17_zpszbudof7w.jpg

After we are done with the Face Gua Sha, sadly. 🙁 It’s time for mask!

This mask is for firming and lifting. 🙂

 photo 18_zpsehcblpxm.jpg

While doing the mask, Eunice also helped me to do shoulder and back massage! Oh did I mention that she helped me to trim my eyebrows too?

 photo 19_zps6ch5wine.jpg

check out my ‘i just wake up’ face.

 photo 20_zpsjxax1ppy.jpg

And after the mask and massage, Eunice applied serum on my face and I am done for the day! 🙂 Clean and firm face above but with a bit of redness.

It is perfectly normal to have redness after extractions and GUA SHA. The redness will be gone in 2 to 3 days time. 🙂

 photo 21_zpscnmxgkxv.jpg

Thank you Eunice for being so sweet and gentle to me and my skin. It was definitely a very fun and enjoyable session with you. 🙂

If you are interested in the FACE GUA SHA and AGE DEFENSE TREATMENT that I did, they have some bundle promo together with their popular O way hair Color treatment for you! 

The O Way Colour Treatment is free from ammonia, uses organic and biodynamic ingredients and it is a permanent colour enriched with: 

– biodynamic Hibiscus extract, a powerful antioxidant
– fair-trade date oil, nourishing & elasticising
– organic perilla oil, rich in fatty acids, performs anti-aging action, infuse brightness and hydration to hair fiber
– protein from cotton, conferring body to hair, prevent drying out
– llipe butter, long-lasting nourishment, moisturizing, reduce degeneration of skin cells and restores elasticity and flexibility to hair fiber.

And here are the promotional bundles! 


                                             $248 (UP$560)


                                             $258 (UP$560)


                                             $268 (UP$560)


                                             $250 (UP$560)

*Color Treatment includes Pre-Color Scalp Protection and Post-Color Hair Protection.
*ANTI-HAIR LOSS SCALP Treatment includes Hair Treatment.

Experience the benefits of Face Gua Sha at only $38 when you couple with Age Defense Treatment! 

I highly recommend the Face Gua Sha, you will only understand how I feel when you do it. =)

Geranium Skin & Hair Boutique
26 Horne Road, BH Building #01-01 Singapore 209062

Take exit B from Lavender Mrt Station

Operating Hours
Tuesday to friday: 10.00am – 9.00pm
Satuday: 1030am to 830pm
Sunday: 1030am to 730pm
*Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays

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