Crabtree & Evelyn Rose Collection and COOKIES!

Today I have a set of Crabtree and evelyn products to share with you! They are not sponsored by the way! I won them from the Crabtree & Evelyn Singapore x Between’s Race of Love contest. :p

I uploaded a slightly lovey dovey photo on my Intagram and tagged us as #slownsteady but also #crazyinlove and I became one of the 3 winners wahahhaa. Lucky! (oh yea, i did tagged both right?? okay whatever)

So yeah these are the set of items that I carried home!

 photo IMG_8493_zpsk4daggyg.jpg

Guess what I’m most interested in? Cookies, always the cookies. =D

From left to right I have the

Salted Caramel & Belgian Milk Chocolate Chunk Biscuits
Rose water Refreshing Body mist
Limited Edition All Butter Rose Biscuits
English Breakfast Tea
Rose water ultra moisturizing hand therapy
Rose water body lotion & Rosewater bath & shower gel which I haven’t use yet.

 photo IMG_8894_zpscpkje0uv.jpg

You don’t know what is good English Breakfast tea until you compared Crabtree to Lipton’s. LOL! Lipton’s always have this very bitter aftertaste, although Crabtree is strong but it’s smooth. I like. =D I don’t order English Breakfast tea when I’m out because I always have this mindset that my house got a box of lipton leh I order english breakfast for what? But now.. I finally get it.

 photo IMG_8895_zps5wafkl0k.jpg

Why is the packaging so beautiful?

 photo IMG_8896_zpsxfzoxsxh.jpg

 photo IMG_8897_zps1bilsvze.jpg

 photo IMG_8898_zpsp3agy78l.jpg

I’m not sure if they still have this rose biscuits but I guess not since it’s limited edition? I don’t see this on their website too. Anyway let me know if you see this! =)

 photo IMG_8899_zpswz5empfx.jpg

Made with crystallised rose petals, take note of that.

 photo IMG_8900_zpsvr8mxa5x.jpg

 photo IMG_8901_zpsp1egrynd.jpg

 photo IMG_8902_zpse9cna7ok.jpg

Look at all the rose bits in the biscuit, smells really nice by the way! Like rose! But for someone who doesn’t really like rose, I think it is a little too strong for me. I prefer it to be more buttery pls!

 photo IMG_8903_zpsgejbvnsp.jpg

Still a very pretty sight, agree?

Well, the next one is my favourite because it’s CHOCOLATE.

 photo IMG_9576_zpsng93auuj.jpg

 photo IMG_9573_zpspgvlaonb.jpg

PERFECT for girls when they are PMSING. If you love caramel and chocolate then this is perfect for you too!

 photo IMG_9575_zpsjdzcy2ax.jpg

 photo IMG_9574_zpsmtrkpdu0.jpg

Look at that, caramel and chocolate chunks. Can you squeeze in more chocolate pls? By the way wouldn’t recommend you to keep it for a long period of time because the cookie will become softer and also there will be a oily aftertaste. Nevertheless this is still very nice! I want to try some of the other flavours like the triple chocolate chunks! Definitely pimple inducing food! ;x

So now we’re done with cookies, it’s time for the beauty products! By the way I’ve never used Crabtree & Evelyn’s products before!! So this is my first time trying them!

 photo IMG_8904_zpskjtnmorj.jpg

During work, my hands are always very dry, so a good moisturiser is super important! I will write a post on the different kind of hand cream I used but that would take awhile because I’ve got so much backlogs to clear! Anyway I’ve tried the above and I think it’s too sticky, yes to ultra moisturising but no to stickiness and slow absorption.

 photo IMG_9579_zpsh6wyunbj.jpg

 photo IMG_9577_zps95ylciis.jpg

I also have the body lotion and the shower gel which I haven’t used yet. They are still sitting at one corner of my house and I’m not sure if I will ever use them. Probably after I moved, so I can act atas. HAHA.

 photo IMG_8905_zpsjx4x6l9c.jpg

Last is this body mist which I only used once. LOL! Don’t like the scent.

 photo IMG_9578_zpsj6hfp4wi.jpg

The mist is supposed to make your feel refreshed but I really don’t like the smell so it will make me feel sick instead. :p


So I guess I’m done with my post today, finally this is done. I really hate drafts sitting in my posts page. ^^ You’re welcome to share your favourite crabtree and evelyn products with me too. 🙂

The above is based on my own experience and preference, if you love rose then I think you might like the products. 🙂 I love baby’s breath, tulips and daisy :p