Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner – Does this works?

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Reviewing a new product today! I was given The Revitalash Eyelash conditioner (together with the brow conditioner) a few months ago to try out if it really works well for the eyelashes.

Had been delaying the review so here I am today to talk about this product.. like finally!

Revitalash is a tested and proven eyelash conditioner that will work on our lashes to enhance its appearance and also giving it a fuller and volumised look. This product contains Proprietary BioPeptin Complex and natural botanicals to defend against breakage and brittleness while improving flexibility, moisture and shine.

All you need to do is to apply once a day and it will help to promote the attractiveness of the eyelashes.

Here are some info on the RevitaLash Eye Lash Conditioner. It is ranked #2 in the website under ‘The Ten Best Eyelash Growth Serum’ and here are the results from a 6 week independent consumer study:

98% Improved in Lash appearance
98% Healthier looking Lashes
98% stronger lashes and 
95% more attractive lashes 

Looking at the statistics made me want to try it out and let you guys know if this product really works wonder for the lashes! And after applying it for about 2-3weeks, here are my thoughts.

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The conditioner looks exactly like a mascara on the outside but the applicator looks more like a liquid eyeliner. I know it looks pretty small but supposed to last for 6months. :O This would cost about $200+.

How you apply this is by brushing the product across your eyelashes as shown here:
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Believe me it was kinda tricky trying to apply like the above but for the sake of beauty you gotta do it. I wasn’t that diligent to apply everyday actually.. but even though so I felt that my eyelashes had strengthened, before this my lashes were very weak, all I need to do is to rub my eyes and I will see one or two coming out! I was so scared man. eyelashes are very important to me.

Lately I haven’t seen any lashes dropping out, mm maybe only once like a month ago? which is pretty good! Other than that, I haven’t notice any differences in the length. Maybe because I am too lazy. :p Will continue to monitor my lashes anyway~

By the way I am quite afraid with the liquid going into my eyes, so I was super careful with this product.

As for the brow conditioner, I’ve did some research and saw that there were some good reviews on it. one example is this:, well of course there are side effects too to some individuals which you can do a research on them as well.

I haven’t tried the eyebrow conditioner because I just did my eyebrow embroidery and really loving it. You can check out my 6D Nano eyebrow embroidery with Beauty Recipe here, there’s a promo going on! I guess I will only have the chance to use the Revitabrow in a year and a half’s time? haha.

Anyway here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions for your reference so you can have a better idea to the product.

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For even more info you can always visit the following:

Website: / Facebook: &

Stockist for Revitalash Advanced: 

The Lifestyle clinic
1 Orchard Boulevard #16-03 Camden Medical Centre
Singapore 248649

Pacific Healthcare Specialist Centre
290 Orchard Road #19-01 Paragon Singapore 238859

*Reviews are done based on my personal experience with the product, you might not have the same results as me.