Online betting in Singapore!

Turf Club and Singapore Pools will offer online gambling for existing games and lotteries!

Definitely easier for me to place my bets now! Oh in case you don’t know yes I do buy 4D and Toto because your girl here needs more $$ (=p) and there is no harm buying occasionally (small amount!!). It’s quite fun too matching the numbers against the results but I’m also quite worried about online betting because if betting is easily accessible, then people will tend to spend more time and money on that as well.

For example like myself, there are times when I really want to buy 4D but I am just too lazy to go and queue up. But now with online gambling, I can just place my bets with a few clicks. Not too sure if this is a good idea.

What about you? Do you bet and do you think online betting should be allowed?

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