Pomo Food: The Clan Restaurant review!

Pomo, I passed by everyday the last 1.5 years. Now I’m in another location trying food from coffeeshops and hawker centres.

Back in January, we went to the Clan restaurant for Jaq’s and Weizhe’s birthday. We had the set lunch and it was about $16 to $19 ++ per person.


Many of my friends recommended this place for dinner, and I was quite excited to try them out. We were the only ones there during lunch hour and it was pretty intense because all eyes were on us. lol IMG_7336

Before our starters, the Chef let us try this dish where it contains a small slice of smoke duck with orange. We thought that it tasted pretty good and refreshing.

For the starters, some of us had the Wild Mushroom Soup and some the Angel Hair Pasta. IMG_7338

We have this love and hate relationship with the mushroom soup because it has a very strong vinegar taste in it. IMG_7339

For the pasta, I can’t comment much as I’m not the one having it. But i think it is hard for pasta to go wrong right? 

For our Mains, we could choose between the Chicken or the Beef Bolognese. 


Vi had the Beef Bolognese and I ordered the chicken! IMG_7343

The beef bolognese was pretty normal like how a beef bolognese should taste like and the chicken in my opinion was pretty salty. IMG_7346

A few of us didn’t order the dessert but the rest including the birthday people did. There were 2 options that day. 2 scoops of icecream and some fruit related cake in the photo above.. IMG_7348

Overall we weren’t very satisfied with the food because the chicken was salty and the food in general were pretty normal. We were thinking maybe it’s lunch menu that’s why the standard is not that high lol. But I got to say the service is really not bad! 

Just a note as well. No slippers for the Clan! 

Thank god the cake was a good one. From Rive Gauche!! Expensive but very worth it! 


Anyway since I’m talking about Pomo. I’m also quite sad that Irodori Japanese Restaurant Pomo has closed down and even Hua Zai Chef’s Kitchen!! I only tried the stall once. 🙁 oh well. 




And I shall stop here and spam you with the the next post! 

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