[Simonseries] Relationship between taking good photos and making a fool out of yourself.


Not sure if the title made sense. I’ve always been worried about how i would appear to the general public. Not in terms of aesthetics, I look into the mirror everyday and I am aware of how un-handsome i look. I mean, whether my behavior will make me look like a weirdo.

I’ve already gotten many feedbacks about me looking like a ‘perverted middle-aged man’ so if i am caught with a camera in my hand, people might feel the need to call the police you know.

It is with this thought that has always made me refrain from taking photos in crowded place. Subjects that interest me doesn’t usually interest others, so when i take out my camera I feel people would tend to look for the most obvious subject, and if they can’t see what i saw, they might think I was taking a shot at a woman who just walked passed while I wasn’t paying attention and concluded that I am who they assume me to be. A perverted middle-aged man..

Hide one corner sneak a shot. Credits to wifey, of course.










And so, I developed a few ways to take pictures. I see a scene with potential, I’ll guess the distance of subject and sneakily snap a pic without bringing the camera to my eye-level. I’m just trying very hard to avoid attention, I think those street photographers are doing this already, I call it ‘waist-level photography’. But the 2nd way is the one which gives the most convenience, that is, I just drag my wife with me. LOL. She will be my decoy or concealment, because the general public will think I’m just taking a photo of her or I can just hide behind her. LOL.

Waist-level Shot example 1
Waist-level Shot example 2
Pros of having a willing subject.




























All in all, I think this is only applicable to me. I very paiseh ma when I’m outside, don’t wanna draw too much attention to myself. Honestly I try to convince myself, as long as you’re not taking some weird photos of other people that compromise their modesty, as long you are able to justify your actions, there’s nothing wrong in taking photos of anything and anyone. When a person is out in public, he/she already dressed up to present him/herself to the public. So technically, taking a photo of that person is the same as me looking at him/her in public isn’t it? So it should be fine. Right? Then again I still failed to convince myself…


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