[S-series] Ajumma’s Korean food at The Cathay review


Before Ajumma’s, its always Misato Misato Misato. I love Japanese food, and Misato at the Cathay always satisfy. But sadly, their lease has ended and they have yet to find another place. I will wait patiently for their return, but for now, its Korean.

Ajumma! means auntie if I’m not wrong. Its not like I hate Korean food, they are nice too! I just prefers Japanese ALL THE TIME. To a point Claire must be quite sick of jap food.. BUT I DON’T CARE!!! LOL! Okok back to Ajumma’s. Since its named as ‘Auntie’, it gives off this nice and easy, casual family restaurant feel. Tucked in a corner at B1 of the Cathay, Ajumma’s serves up simple Korean dishes that anyone would appreciate.

Many a times, Claire will want to eat lesser to compensate for her snackings at work, so we would order just one main dish and one or 2 other side dishes to share.

Korean family restaurants will usually serve a number of side dishes to go with your mains.  Banchan they called it, sides served with my rice yo. But of course, you can’t expect much from a small time restaurant, there’s only one mains anyways so they served me  some seasoned raddish, kimchi and corn. Nothing to complain about, Claire loved preserved stuff also.