Claire loves to snack P2: IRVIN’s salted egg chips, Ikea’s snacks and many many many more!

Hello everybody! Today I am sharing with you what I have been snacking on for the past few months. =P
You can also go to my previous post to check out all the different potato chips I love, there are more of course, which will be updated from time to time. ^^

I love salty things and I don’t really like sweet things, I remember when I was younger I had to do a test to see if I have diabetes, the nurse give me this disgusting glucose drink that made me yell and cry in the hospital. It was so sweet and disgusting I cannot. It is quite funny when I think about how ugly I must be, crying and whining in the hospital but the thing is, I still whine like a baby now. oops.

Recently I also had a spine check and xray done. Will update you about that too~

Well are you ready for this post? Because it is quite a long one. I guess we have been snacking too much.


 photo IMG_1779_zpsrh05snwm.jpg

If you haven’t try this before, you are definitely missing out. This is so addictive! Seriously addictive. I can hold on to this container and finish the whole thing by myself but don’t worry I didn’t do that!

And yes I know, it is fattening but YOLO OK. You only live once! Once awhile it’s okay but please eat more salad and exercise more.

 photo IMG_1781_zpsumsoaqig.jpg

Irvins salted egg potato chips.

Although it is $16 per bottle, which is pretty expensive but I really love this! Trust me, if you love salted egg, then you should try this. Or maybe fry your own, whichever way is better for you.

 photo IMG_1155_zpsqfhisdwj.jpg

They even have the curry leaves together with the crispy goodness. This is heaven!

 photo IMG_1782_zpsljirj0cv.jpg

We also tried the Salted egg fish skin – Treat from Vi! And it was very nice, no fishy smell at all! I still can’t decide which one I like better.

Vi and Daphy both bought a bottle of the salted egg sauce too. I think Daphy haven’t used that yet but Vi said it is very watery and oily. I don’t know man I didn’t buy, I’m not so sure if I wanna use that in my house. :O

2. The Whole Kitchen – wholesome and healthy food!

 photo IMG_0968_zpspixhbf6c.jpg
The Whole Kitchen

I chanced upon this at the Singapore Coffee Festival I went with Simon back in June. I bought one banana cake $5.90 and healthy nuts from them!

 photo IMG_0971_zpsnl1bgzjh.jpg

The banana cake is VERY healthy. And when I say very healthy I mean it’s quite tasteless. I tasted healthy grains but not really the banana.

But the nuts were so nice! The Gluten free Spicy Tamari nut mix was spicy and yet refreshing! There was a lemony lime taste to it and my favourite was the Almonds!

 photo IMG_0972_zpswxu143qs.jpg

 photo IMG_0973_zpse7klnb4r.jpg

There are Almonds, Cashews and macadamia nuts in the mix!

3. IKEA – If you see me at IKEA next time please say hi to me. I am always at IKEA now for household stuffs. Other than the furniture, I also love the food and snacks.

 photo IMG_0194_zpsjbo4lyji.jpg

One of my favourite is this sour cream and onion flavour potato crisps.

 photo IMG_0561_zpsniy04sff.jpg

It is very addictive but very hard.

 photo IMG_0563_zpspj15nb4z.jpg

I also tried this box of alphabet digestive biscuits from IKEA and it tasted just like digestive biscuits, so there’s nothing much for me to comment about.

 photo IMG_0196_zpskmhpkvoh.jpg

They have interesting drinks as well. I recommend the organic elderflower drink which is very refreshing and tasty.

 photo IMG_0564_zpsg0k17hiq.jpg

 photo IMG_0565_zpsjacfl3pt.jpg

 photo IMG_0566_zpsfjy2z0ed.jpg

and the very interesting rosehip drink which taste slightly like tomato juice. I don’t really like this but Simon is okay with it.

 photo IMG_0560_zpsowiubcet.jpg

4. Daiso – Everything 2 bucks!

 photo IMG_0470_zpsrpyv4cye.jpg

Lotte should be korea snacks right? But nvm I bought this green tea snacks from Daiso…

 photo IMG_0471_zpsmdtyzxam.jpg

Mini and cute

 photo IMG_0472_zpslgm8xdaq.jpg

not too bad but too much of it can be quite jelat. They also have this in chocolate flavour ones, I think I tried before but I can’t really remember.

5. Shine Korean Supermarket

 photo IMG_1258_zpso47reb7e.jpg

This chestnut sweets that Simon bought to try.

 photo IMG_1259_zpsb9fwepy1.jpg

I think it is disgusting. =x

 photo IMG_1260_zpsfkfjalh0.jpg

and also Honey Butter Cashew nuts. I don’t like this at all, I thought it was too sweet but Daphy and Simon says they are nice. =O

 photo IMG_1262_zps0xfdufvx.jpg


We also bought coffee from the mart. Let’s Be and BABA?

 photo IMG_0859_zps5kv3k5kv.jpg

it’s very bad.

Animal biscuits!

 photo IMG_0446_zpsorib2kg9.jpg

cute packaging but taste alright only.

 photo IMG_0449_zpskpxijr7i.jpg

 photo IMG_0451_zpsjjjpdwa6.jpg

 photo IMG_0285_zpsuklkmb8e.jpg

Cosmos hot and sweet chicken balls – more to sweet and I don’t really like.

 photo IMG_0286_zpsaplifhaw.jpg

I think to date my favourite is still the Lotte Kokkal Corn Snack BBQ and the Nong Shim prawn crackers hot.

6. Popular book store – yea i know right. I go popular also buy snacks haha.
Befco Japanese rice crackers

 photo IMG_0598_zps9lfqhafy.jpg

 photo IMG_0599_zpsd7omwunu.jpg

5 different flavours.

 photo IMG_0600_zpsjk34czrk.jpg

Seaweed Soy sauce
Sesame Soy sauce
Sweet Curry
Corn Potage

 photo IMG_0601_zpsp4xxqngo.jpg

 photo IMG_0604_zpscncpfztb.jpg

Only the sesame soy sauce is nice.

7. Dhoby ghaut japanese fair

 photo IMG_3774_zps9bdmm6q0.jpg

See his happy face when there are snacks!

 photo IMG_9339_zpsh2oayxzb.jpg

Yamayoshi Beef Salt potato chips

 photo IMG_9340_zpsmkobzi7z.jpg

taste like normal potato chips with no beef or whatsoever taste.

Bourbon Pakila Chocolate Biscuit sticks

 photo IMG_9209_zpswxtxxhvw.jpg

 photo IMG_9210_zpsanhfwwkg.jpg

not too bad but very sinful! pimple inducing!

 photo IMG_9212_zpsas8idnjw.jpg

Instant noodle! Dophin ramen – salt and pork flavour.

 photo IMG_0567_zpsrqeul9gm.jpg

 photo IMG_0568_zpsn0hulii4.jpg

nothing special, taste like normal singapore instant noodle.

 photo IMG_0569_zps0vuawzq6.jpg

8. Fairprice/Cold storage

Random but yes twister is back!! But they are in blue and white colour now. and it melts very fast!

 photo IMG_1436_zpsg7df0d5s.jpgThis japanese sour candy that Simon bought for my birthday to use as decoration. Very grapey and nice!

 photo IMG_1350_zpsvyypjbii.jpg

Koubo japanese red bean bread.

 photo IMG_1240_zpsvs8e3lj2.jpg

not too bad! Simon likes this!

 photo IMG_1242_zpsw8tbmsaw.jpg

Anpan milk bun, I don’t really like as it is too milky.

 photo IMG_1108_zpssvb9omil.jpg

 photo IMG_1109_zpslumwjxph.jpg

 photo IMG_1110_zpsjyqizkby.jpg photo IMG_1110_zpsjyqizkby.jpg

London cereal bites, not choco roll but cereal bites.

 photo IMG_0360_zps0jcqy4rq.jpg

not very special also. Quite normal.

 photo IMG_0361_zpsd5qnovgf.jpg

 photo IMG_0362_zpsjdmgc6ja.jpg

9. Starbucks Chocolate Black tea with earl grey Jelly and Double Chocolate Green tea. They introduced this back in May and the earl grey jelly is so NICE! It’s like the best starbucks drink I ever drank.

 photo IMG_0582_zps8jq6p1v0.jpg

Super good!
 photo IMG_0583_zps86ltl5gz.jpg

 photo IMG_0584_zpskfjg7k5p.jpg

The double chocolate green tea.

 photo IMG_0830_zpspikn0jsw.jpg

 photo IMG_0831_zps49q2tch1.jpg

Both drinks are sinful but I love them! I wonder if they can make this if I request. I want leh..

Lastly the random snacks given by Yoko and neighbour!

This feve biscuits from Japan brought back by Yoko is so tasty and nice. I’m not sure she buy from where, maybe yokohama.

 photo IMG_0432_zps8p7ktwjq.jpg

 photo IMG_0433_zpsyccwky9f.jpg

 photo IMG_0439_zps9l0inyi6.jpg

Then this Xiao Mei durian mochi given by my neighbour is very nice too! Ahma put them in the freezer and it is so shiok when I bite into it. Durian lovers you try this before?

 photo IMG_0243_zpsjkk6oulh.jpg

 photo IMG_0244_zpsd2jjlixu.jpg

Frozen durian mochi!

 photo IMG_0242_zpsvhsojz3q.jpg

and I am finally done with this post. Have you tried any of the above mentioned? Share with me your thoughts on them! Hehe.

Till the next,
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