Explore: Rochor Centre & signature cold brews from Old Hen Coffee Bar!!!

Read the part 1 over here. 🙂

So I was talking about the hotel breakfast in my last post..

We only have 30minutes to have breakfast as we woke up late. Like I said, the bed is super comfortable..

The buffet spread, unfortunately was disappointing. The pastries feel like they are bought from Mustafa, (I mean, who knows right!) and the rest of the spread weren’t very appetizing too.

 photo 67_zpsiptucdx3.jpg

Bread and pastries.

 photo 66_zpsz6clxnjj.jpg


 photo 68_zps20uc4uur.jpg

Pancakes and corn :/

 photo 69_zpsgkfith0h.jpg


 photo IMG_9789_zpszlkmtwyi.jpg

Don’t bother looking for more food photos. I think there are a few more but nothing much really. It will be better to buy your own breakfast and eat in the room.

Alright I think I shouldn’t whine so much since the room rate is lower as compared to other hotels.

Next I want to share with you the tee I wore for the stay! HAHAHA. The words printed on the top is ‘My hubby is a commando!’ I love this top but he asked me not to wear it out. zzz.

 photo 70_zpsiwcwrojj.jpg

He is damn paiseh with this tshirt.

I also haven’t share with you where we go and what we do on the day after we checked in. We went to barcook bakery to get my nachos bun craving fixed, Rochor Centre to explore and Old Hen’s Coffee Bar to try the famous cold brew coffee!!

I am really sad to say goodbye to Rochor Centre by the way, I’m sure the residents are very upset too. sigh. Anyway I have some pictures taken there which I will show in the later part of this post too.

First: Barcook Bakery!

 photo 23_zpsazttpt6m.jpg

Mash potato nachos is my favourite bread!! 😀 Sinful as it is but very creamy and addictive. I always like to eat it while it’s hot because the combination of the mash potato, chicken ham and the sauce is just too awesome! Some of the outlets are quite stingy with the sauce but the one at Albert Complex? Very generous!

 photo 24_zpsl7nqz1w3.jpg

Simon also bought one german pudding to try. It tasted just like egg tart lol.

 photo 25_zpssr5c0do6.jpg

$2.80 per piece and taste pretty normal.

 photo 26_zpsgihbew25.jpg

 photo 27_zpsbwykfudg.jpg


Happy with the bites, we walked to Rochor Centre and it’s time to explore.

 photo 29_zpsqm4pvjjy.jpg

All the old school shops, where will they be moving to? :/

 photo 31_zpsauy0xgak.jpg

A few years ago when I was working in Bugis, I always walked around during my lunch time and Rochor Centre is one of the places that I frequently go to.

I am going to miss this place so much.

 photo 32_zpskwcfdzqs.jpg

 photo 34_zpsmany6i8r.jpg

that’s why we need to take photographs, to record and remember everything that happened in our life.

 photo 35_zps4tr0qipr.jpg

 photo 36_zpsemirjz9d.jpg

Colourful blocks.

 photo 37_zpsnunvqzkx.jpg

 photo 38_zps6d5mmhbm.jpg

 photo 39_zps0ocq62l7.jpg

took the lift to the floor where there is a playground.

 photo 40_zpsco9fvinn.jpg

such a nice place actually.

 photo 41_zpshdb20dcu.jpg

 photo 44_zpsm93ul6nc.jpg

Me at the playground.

 photo 43_zpspqpehtxv.jpg

Matchy with the wall. This estate is so beautiful though..

After this, we went to Mustafa shopping centre to get snacks and drinks!

 photo 56_zpsmxh909ve.jpg

very crowded.

 photo 55_zpskdnjjtff.jpg


After getting the necessary things we need, we head to Old Hen Coffee Bar for dinner and coffee!

OLD HEN COFFEE BAR is located at 88 Rangoon Rd, 218374.

 photo 45_zpsqqbxukjg.jpg

The menu.

 photo 46_zpshahxvk1i.jpg

The interior and staffs.

 photo 47_zpsfgtoxc5u.jpg

We ordered one flat white, one cold brew white, Eggs and sausages on toast $16 and Croque Monsieur $8.50.

Cold brew black: $6
Cold brew white: $6.50

 photo 48_zpsbojql8v1.jpg

 photo 49_zpslapmmtru.jpg

Two 5 minutes cooked eggs, chorizo pork sausage, smoked chicken frankfurter multigrain sourdough, cherry tomato, baby spinach in spiced grape chutney sauce. 

not very sure why my photo suddenly become so saturated but yes this is the 5minutes egg.

 photo 53_zpsnwejhfee.jpg

The eggs actually didn’t go very well with the bread, these are eggs that you can boil at home for 5minutes. I would have love it if it’s a benedict though. The sausages on the other hand were very good and juicy.

 photo 54_zps2zu7wb1u.jpg

The Croque Monsieur: Honey Baked Ham, Melted Cheese, Bechamel, multigrain bread, baby spinach salad. 

 photo 50_zpsjdaxrcpa.jpg

The bread was really hard, and Simon had problems chewing these because he has really weak teeth.

 photo 51_zpsy3eldbqx.jpg

Next to the coffee.

 photo 52_zps0cw9kzb0.jpg

The coffee is good. And the cold brew is the best of the day!

 photo 48_zpsbojql8v1.jpg

I was finding high and low for a close up picture of the bottle but couldn’t so I can only use this for your reference.

Old Hen’s cold brew is the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life. Super smooth and creamy like drinking honey in a bottle, but none of that cloyingly sweetness. So if you are a fan of cold brew or you are thinking of trying cold brew then the first place you should go is Old Hen’s.

Returned to the hotel after our happy coffee break and here are some snacks that we got. YEKO Potato sticks, Wang wang and Calbee Hot & Spicy potato chips.

 photo 57_zpslxzk4h9w.jpg

Also a bottle of ginger beer!

 photo 58_zps9u56obkl.jpg

 photo 59_zpsguk3ynxq.jpg

The very oily and cheesy potato sticks!

We watched soccer in the room and I dozed off after the soccer match was done. What a nice weekend, but now I’m enjoying every weekends too as I got my own place. Hehe.

Well I still love staycations of course and will do that sometime soon!

Now I am very happy that I have finished this post. Coming up next – Bali trip. More things to edit~

 photo 42_zpsnmngrtt6.jpg

Till the next people. VISIT OLD HEN!!
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