Don’t stick to one fashion style. Explore more. Oh I rant alot too.

I love pants, ripped jeans, oversize tee and pyjamas. At the same time I also love sweet and feminine pieces.

Recently I’ve been trying out more styles, exploring more and trying to be more confident. If you’ve noticed, I am more confident in front of camera now. I think it’s because my photographer is Simon but truth is I used to be awkward in front of him too.

It takes awhile, well maybe a few years, for me to really ‘act demure’ and ‘nice’ infront of him and the camera. It is kinda hard sometimes because he knows I’m a whiny and crazy kid so when I switched to my ‘demure’ mode, obviously he laughed. -.-

Anyway I’m glad that we finally reached that stage where I am no longer awkward in front him and the public and he is not that awkward when taking photos in front of people. ^^v

So I am just trying to say you should be bold, be daring, and try out any look that you like or want. I never wear rompers, I never wear jumpsuit, I never wear ALOT of nice clothes in the past because I always think that yucks I will look ugly, better don’t waste money. You know.. that kind of thoughts? But now, I don’t know why.. Probably after taking that long break, I finally understand what is YOLO. Already 26years old and I really don’t want to waste time thinking about what if I had done this or what if I had done that. I don’t want to live with regrets.

That’s why now I’m more daring, I’m more confident (better than the past!) and I stepped out of my comfort zone. Not entirely of course, it’s not a good thing either.

Actually today I just want to share with you this cute dress from Lexilyla. But I think I got carried away and type too much. haha.

That saturday I went out with this button cami dress from Lexilyla. Lexilyla is one of my favourite blogshops and I really like that all their clothes are so sweet and feminine.

This one comes in free size and it’s quite loose at the side so I wore a top underneath to make it more fitting.

 photo IMG_3347_zpsw51lt794.jpg

Look at all the cute buttons on the dress.

 photo IMG_3348_zpsvg5akqtl.jpg

Lovely and comfy.

Oh I also want to share with you the falsies that I have been wearing. It is the Star Lash Premium DB09. It is $8.90 per pair but I used it for 4 times already. 😡

I finally find a pair that can fit my eye shape (almond eye I suppose? And hooded eyelids), it is very natural looking too. Not the best one yet, but I’m happy with it. 🙂

Also using their eye lash glue, the transparent one. So far so good, it’s quite comfortable and doesn’t cause irritation to my eyes. (the one I’m talking about)

 photo IMG_3335_zpsvkcxzzci.jpg

I don’t really like wearing falsies but sometimes have to play with them la. lol.. I also have a few beauty products I want to share with you guys soon. Will blog about them of course. So now I shall stop here, and I hope you guys enjoy my rant today.

Till the next. 🙂

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