[Eat wisely] Soup Spoon healthy or not?

Not for tempting purposes, it’s for educating! HAHAA.

Love SoupSpoon, do you love it? Other than the food is good, I love it because the soup is low calorie and so I assumed that the main dish should be low as well. but seems like i’m wrong~

from what I’ve researched…

caesar salad and chicken tikka wrap!

This caesar salad looks so healthy and appetizing and it’s 462calories!

my mushroom soup worth 252 calories, which the bun is not included.
chicken caesar sandwich, falafel wrap

both meal add up to more than 1000calories each!

seems like i can’t eat soup spoon everyday ah.. or maybe can.. drink the soup only.. o.O

One thought on “[Eat wisely] Soup Spoon healthy or not?

  1. hey claire! i love soup spoon too but I seldom eat!! like once every month usually. but once i start i can eat like twice a week for a week or two..but hor, seems like the soup is high-cal too lei. cos can’t be so creamy soup so little cal???

    dont know if they understated the cal count so more ppl will buy?

    i dun think they will understate ba, if not can sue them one leh. depends on the type of soup also some of them are actually quite high in calories!

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