Dishonesty in Online Sales

Dishonesty, liars, scammers. Whatever you call them, these people populate the online community together with other ordinary internet dwellers. They lie get their way. Some lie to for perverse motives, some lie to steal money from the innocent, some lie to get behind bars. Today I will be talking about liars who are selling faulty items as if they are in excellent condition online.

I have been had for a few times, they sell me faulty goods yet claim that its in absolutely pristine condition. I do meet up with them sometimes and i would inspect and test the product. I know its still partly my fault for not checking the goods thoroughly but hey, it just seems rude to do that in the seller’s face right? Furthermore, the fault that I (just) found out is so hard to spot during outdoors when I was with the liar, I only managed to spot it here in the comfort of my own room under good lighting. The liar might say he did not lie, he just didn’t include the detail that this item had this slight ‘problem’. But that’s hiding the truth right? When you are selling an item, isn’t it a basic, mutual respect thing to include all information about the item?

Being a considerate, good natured person that i am, i usually trust the person’s words. Even though he might be sweating profusely and stuttering in his/her speech. Call me stupid if you like, that’s the way I am and sadly, thats probably the reason I always get cheated. This is a frustrating situation where by the money I spent on something, I ended up dumping it into my rubbish chute. My hopes and expectations that I have with this something, all dumped into the chute, ended in the big black bin which the cleaners will ferry it to the big dump collection centre and crushed in a garbage truck and burnt in the big incinerator somewhere in Singapore. Money = burnt.

Singapore is becoming a ‘global city’ where our citizens and PRs were encouraged to be more ‘gracious’. But with so many liars around scamming people who are also holding pink ID cards, I think we still have a long way to go… Buck-up! Singapore!

– simontey