Advantages of a Home Workout

I love mfp articles! Especially this particular one!

The advantageous of a Home Workout! :):) here here here~


Maybe next time I will snap a photo like that of myself. haha!

Okay back to the main point!

Now’s my exam period! SO basically i got no time to exercise, and usually during this period, I would snack and binge ALOT. :/

But I do workout at home! 😀 (but not this week 😡)

1. Dumbbells!
2. Squats!
3. Push ups, you can even push the wall
4. Plank
5. Crunches and many more…

You can google about it now, BUT I will blog about the exercises and benefits of them sooon! 😀 till then~

Gd day people! ^^