ABC Cooking studio Japan Trip D1 P2: toothpicks and hotel buffet

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Continue from my previous post, we went to Kimitsu to learn how to make Ujyou toothpicks. These are the toothpicks that are usually used for japanese sweets and desserts.

Us walking into the small alley to locate the shop.  photo IMG_2684_zpskhima928.jpg

All the different types of toothpicks displayed in the shop.

 photo IMG_2685_zpsfaqszk6w.jpg

 photo IMG_9625_zpskqixqqbd.jpg

I thought it will be super easy to make my own toothpick but I was so wrong. We have to be super focused and the cut has to be very precise. I tried a few and still can’t produce any decent looking ones.

 photo IMG_2284_zpsdxiqpnnd.jpg

Have to be very careful with the cutter/knife too as it is quite sharp.

Eventually, I brought my ugly toothpicks back together with the ones that the teachers gave us! Luckily I got some good looking ones otherwise Simon is going to laugh at me. LOL.

 photo IMG_2289_zpsc2ak5npb.jpg

After the session, we went to this local mart where they have really yummy milky icecream. This place was not reflected on my itinerary so I am unable to tell you where this place is located at.

 photo IMG_2299_zpss9shyfrj.jpg

Very beautiful flowers and scenery!

 photo IMG_2300_zps8dstpbyc.jpg

Joanna got a few XL dorayaki from this mart and Sydney and I just got ourselves two puddings. LOL.

 photo IMG_2293_zpspknyrema.jpg

I got one for Simon too!

 photo IMG_2294_zpse6vyg1bh.jpg

 photo IMG_2295_zpskyrw5tr9.jpg

We didnt try the icecream even though we have discount vouchers but we bought puddings instead.

 photo IMG_2297_zpse8qumqls.jpg

Kokko pudding?

 photo IMG_2298_zpsrkmuieco.jpg

It’s very sweet and delicious! 🙂

After our satisfied treats we hopped back into our tour bus and finally it’s time to go to our hotel for the night!

For the first night, we stayed at Ryuguji Spa Hotel Mikazuki. With large pool and onsen complex! A pity I was having my period other wise I would have been be able to share with you my onsen experience here. 🙁

This is our room number by the way! Sharing room with Joanna and sydney!

 photo IMG_2301_zpswqnegbpt.jpg

Went to our japanese style room and this is the amazing view from our room!

I want to swim there so badly but I was having my thing. 🙁  photo IMG_2326_zpsam4bpovz.jpg

We had some free time before dinner but we were too tired to explore, so we ended up resting in the room, unpacking our luggages and washed up.

 photo IMG_2303_zpsoevfokfo.jpg

Messy room! HAHAHA. And me wearing the yukata because its time for dinner!

We went to the upper level for the hotel buffet.

 photo IMG_2305_zpsjhnm7iet.jpg

Wide variety of food for us to choose from!

 photo IMG_2307_zps3qhevbot.jpg


 photo IMG_2308_zpsw3aii1d1.jpg


 photo IMG_2309_zps90499i62.jpg

 photo IMG_2310_zpshbhmpy0y.jpg

 photo IMG_2311_zpswwbkqgit.jpg

chinese food, desserts.

 photo IMG_2314_zpsxqrunbrq.jpg

SASHIMI – my favourite but there were bones in the fish. :/

 photo IMG_2315_zpsy5luoqfx.jpg


 photo IMG_2316_zps3wklyig9.jpg

 photo IMG_2690_zpsiif4uvpi.jpg

more seafood!

 photo IMG_2687_zpsdmgf3lv2.jpg

 photo IMG_2318_zpsv5olw6vw.jpg

Giant clam! The cakes and pastries were very nice too! I love the cheesecake.

 photo IMG_2320_zpsgfn2fivr.jpg

And a selfie with the yukata again! ^^ i know i know, bad lighting and tired face. Lol.

So this is how my day 1 in japan ended, yummy buffet dinner and funny midnight conversation with the girls. Cant wait for november, claire is going crazy. Lol.

Shall work on Day 2 next. Thank you for reading! ^^