[S-series] KFC Umakara Japanese fried chicken review! MUST TRY!


Recently Claire and I were eating KFC too often. Because of all the MSG in the new KFC Umakara Chicken!

Picture picked up directly from KFC Singapore.

Like the slogan on their website “Umami? or Karai?” I have no idea how to accurately describe the taste, its like spicy yet sweet yet bitter yet sour yet salty… How do you describe something like that??

Look at that… erm.. These look like a few different items.. Ok I think in the picture I got the Umakara Chicken Box. It consists of:

  • 2 pcs Umakara Chicken
  • 2 pcs Crispy tenders
  • 2 pcs Shrooms poppers
  • 1 reg Coleslaw


The chicken just look loaded with tonnes of MSG as you can see.

Ok maybe it doesn’t look like its really amazing from these mobile phone pictures, but really, the magic is in the seasoned skin.. I usually don’t take so much fried chicken skin because I am bloody health conscious thats why. LOL. Ok lah that’s not it, I hate the taste of oil and fat in my mouth but this is different, its seasoned fat melting in my mouth. You guys just really need to try it.. Believe it when I say, me and Claire liked it so much we had different combinations of Umakara chicken like 4 times already. Claire ate KFC 4 times. Enough said.

What about the crispy tenders and shrooms poppers? Ohh don’t bother, they’re just things to fill your tummy with. Nothing worth remembering.

Just look at me gouging on this seasoned fat and those yellow and white fat at the bottom of the picture. Clogged arteries here I come, I don’t care this is just too good.

Go eat it NOW.

P.S. for a day or two, your pee, your fart, and your fingers will smell like umakara. And I love it. 😀