HDB BTO P7: I can OOTD in the house and more home pictures!

Yo people. Last week we spent alot of money!! Bought alot of things from Typo, fortytwo.sg and ikea. Will post that soon but now we are in the midst of decorating our house. omg so exciting you know! Ok anyway, more pictures today!

 photo IMG_2977_zpsawvghaku.jpg

I forgot to tell you in my last post that Simon fixed this sofa bed himself. Castlery is like ikea man, DIY and all. Simon just have to drill the 4 legs in and it is done. Although the base feels abit cheapo, it is actually very sturdy.

 photo IMG_3496_zpsvergjhum.jpg

Kitchen. A better photo today with our track lights. 🙂 I think my kitchen is quite industrial looking but very cosy ok!

 photo IMG_3494_zpsdl8zxbvg.jpg

Then this is the other side of the kitchen where we have 2 shelves on the top and normal cabinets on the bottom. Our ID also suggested to add in lightings under the shelves.

 photo IMG_3488_zps1pvavmx8.jpg

 photo IMG_3493_zpsnephvuwn.jpg

close up of the cabinets.

Bedroom. Currently pending a bed side table (mine) from fortytwo.sg. His is from Ikea. Also this floral bedsheet is from Akemi. Super comfortable to sleep in by the way. Money well spend. (Y)

 photo IMG_3296_zps0qqkgnhm.jpg

We also bought this super retro looking fan – Brand mistral. Can’t remember it is $70 or $79.

 photo IMG_3497_zps2ml6mun2.jpg

Aladdin Mason jar. Love this!! It’s like taking water in office but in the cutest way possible. hahaha. I bought this from BHG.

 photo IMG_3491_zpsaim59lkh.jpg

Loosen the cap so the water can flow easily. After you’re done, tighten it again.

 photo IMG_3492_zps8dggltf9.jpg

This can hold 3.79litre of water which is pretty cool. But I can’t find any recipe inside???

 photo IMG_3490_zpsusfiqh7q.jpg

I also realized that Ikea’s information tags are damn big. It’s like the bigger your item are, the bigger it is. -_-

And lastly, a OOTD in my house. Have I ever show you guys my ceiling lights? Maybe not but yeah here you go. ^^ Spider lights in the house!

 photo FullSizeRender_zpscrnhlfs4.jpg

And I shall end my post here and let’s look forward to the next bto post. ^^

Signing off,
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