ABC Cooking Studio Japan trip Day 1 P1 – Watermelon tasting & making futomaki sushi roll

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Before I start on my posts on these 4-5parts Japan trip with ABC Cooking Studio, I want to thank ABC Cooking Studio and MyFatPocket for bringing me over to Japan. Never thought that I would be able to visit Japan this year but yes I did, and it was such a fulfilling and enriching trip.

I made some good friends during the trip. Sydney, Joanna and Victoria! Sydney, Joanna and I sticked to each other every single day and minute, we even sleep together (3 person 1 bed) on the last night! They are so crazy and fun and I really enjoyed my trip with them! Only hang out with Vic on the last day and she’s such a sweet girl too!

Are you ready for this journey with me? Lets go! 🙂

On board Singapore Airlines to Tokyo Narita! This is my first time taking Singapore Airlines and I was so excited! So very excited! Always hear that SQ is the best airline so I have this expectation that the service and all must be damn good. But I feel that the service from budget airlines are actually comparable to theirs. The only thing I like is the entertainment and space. Chiong 2 movies at one go and end up sleeping at 430am and waking up at 530am for breakfast! *omg*

I had concealer and sunblock on my face. (Y) Thanks to eyebrow embroidery I don’t need to worry too much about my brows!

 photo IMG_2192_zpsm5zof6vw.jpg

Each of us were given warm towel to wipe our hands and face? and some other people, their feet.

 photo IMG_2186_zpsgluqntjg.jpg

Snack in the plane is mushroom wrap and I also asked for coffee because I am sleepy but I want to watch movies too wahaha!

 photo IMG_2189_zpsu8qn3etn.jpg

 photo IMG_2190_zpszfjpvr12.jpg

I love plane food!!

 photo IMG_2196_zpsrcm3fsj4.jpg

Breakfast for the flight: scrambled eggs, sausage and mushrooms! Had this at 530am and I think it’s way too early. But well it’s 630am Japan time.

I watched the Jungle Book movie and followed by How to be Single and both of them were quite good. Was so excited about the whole thing until I couldn’t sleep.

The whole journey took around 7hours and we finally arrived in Japan!

 photo IMG_2198_zpsw0qrkkfw.jpg

We were being welcomed by Daly Lu (Lu Juan), our translator and guide for the trip!

 photo IMG_2678_zpsulsdhph3.jpg

We have 15minutes to wash up before we went to our bus to put our luggage and stuffs.

Minimart pics for your reference~

 photo IMG_2202_zpsfkosk3oq.jpg

 photo IMG_2201_zpsy3dmsf32.jpg

I missed these food so much! can’t wait for japan next year!

 photo IMG_2200_zpshzcdghpk.jpg

look at all the bento and sandwiches!!

 photo IMG_2199_zpsabcknlak.jpg

then this is our tour bus! Liked that the bus is very clean and spacious!

 photo IMG_2208_zpsedyf7xhr.jpg

 photo IMG_2215_zpspklkdr46.jpg

Had my first selfie with my darling joannaspy! her face is so small please.

 photo IMG_2217_zpshpk0nfok.jpg

Our itinerary for Day 1 will be going to Tomisato-shi Farmer’s Market for watermelon tasting followed by Kimitsu Farmer’s Market to make Futomaki Sushi with the local residents and then making toothpicks with the locals!

So here’s our first stop! It is a very beautiful place, perfect for scenic shots and ootds. We didn’t take alot of pictures but still, got some quality ones that we are happy with. :p

 photo IMG_2679_zpsgsxf1ucy.jpg

Tomisato-Shi Farmer’s Market. Tomisato is located in northeastern Chiba Prefecture, Japan.  photo IMG_2221_zpshbawmm1u.jpg

It’s time to eat sweet and juicy watermelon! Look at how red they are! The watermelons are already cut and arranged nicely for us.

 photo IMG_2220_zpslmp7juxg.jpg

Got myself one watermelon despite that time of the month!

 photo IMG_2223_zpselei62sj.jpg

 photo IMG_2228_zpsbza2mu9j.jpg

also took a picture with joanna, she’s now known as my daugher too. (wahaha)

 photo IMG_2686_zpsllkkvztj.jpg

while we were busy taking photos, a cute watermelon mascot walked out!! So cheery looking hahaha!

 photo IMG_2681_zpsl2nbv37i.jpg

All of us immediately rushed over and take photos with him. LOL! We looked expanded here. -.-

 photo IMG_2673_zpsogcjsqmd.jpg

after that we went to the mart and the vegetables were so fresh and the corn was so yummy!! It’s the sweetest corn I’ve ever tasted in my life!

 photo IMG_2674_zps8wzadyl6.jpg

 photo IMG_2682_zpsm0i8zpv6.jpg

beautiful tomatoes!

 photo IMG_2675_zpsnaap8dtf.jpg

I don’t know what vic was so shocked about but I know she bought a few corn back to singapore. hahaha.

 photo IMG_2676_zpss6ncuq0z.jpg

watermelon biscuit? I didn’t buy this though. (because I didn’t know this was a biscuit in the first place, still in heaven with the corn!)

 photo IMG_2677_zpskrnffi40.jpg

after this we went back to the bus and it’s time for lunch!!

For lunch, we are going to eat our own handmade futomaki sushi roll! hehehe.

Futomaki is a type of Japanese sushi that is rolled into a thick long cylinder. A literal translation offutomaki is “fat rolled sushi“. It is rice and fillings wrapped in dried roasted seaweed (nori), and then sliced into smaller bite sized pieces. 

Our lunch venue looked like a school and we went to a room that looked like a lab/classroom. All of us gathered around the japanese lady, who is also our teacher for the day and observed how the roll is being made as we have to made our own afterwards.

 photo IMG_2231_zps7ykl0yut.jpgOur cute teacher doing a step by step tutorial for us. We need to have 3 slimmer rolls first, this is to be placed inside the big roll.

 photo IMG_2232_zpskoe7c9xx.jpg

 photo IMG_2233_zpsarbgu3y9.jpg

 photo IMG_2235_zpsxdghiqzz.jpg

Bamboo sushi mat is needed to make the roll.

 photo IMG_2236_zps6cjviqhy.jpg

followed by a huge piece of tamago! The tamago is so fresh and sweet, dayum I love it!

 photo IMG_2238_zpsp0p88jo5.jpg

Then we have to placed white vinegar rice on top of the tamago.

 photo IMG_2241_zpsmc9yfxmi.jpg

Then the nori in a specific way.

 photo IMG_2242_zpsfkod1b3m.jpg

 photo IMG_2243_zpscdjmecdv.jpg

 photo IMG_2245_zpsydjhefx6.jpg

the picked vegetables next.

 photo IMG_2246_zpswvozvfi1.jpg

then placed the 3 sushi rolls that she made earlier.

 photo IMG_2248_zpsbnb33yfi.jpg

roll them up and make sure that the rice are all firm and placed properly. Pink vinegar rice are put inside the roll too.

 photo IMG_2250_zpso57v1zn0.jpg

this is how the futomaki roll should look like.

 photo IMG_2252_zpsozvk4pnf.jpg

stuff the sushi rice in if it’s ‘overflowing’.

 photo IMG_2253_zpst7cbc6in.jpg

we didn’t know what to expect UNTIL…

 photo IMG_2257_zpsroh40ly2.jpg

she cut them and the inside is so beautiful!

 photo IMG_2259_zps0b6dp5xp.jpg

sakura flowers!

 photo IMG_2261_zpsmao37qiz.jpg

it’s all different!

 photo IMG_2262_zpspz9t7fcl.jpg

it’s such a pain to look at all this! Because we were all starving haha.

 photo IMG_2267_zpsycvvr0uy.jpg

Look at all the different images. so cute right!

 photo IMG_2269_zpselfqnvnb.jpg

After this we were all so inspired to make our own futomaki roll and was hoping that the insides will look the same too.

 photo IMG_2272_zpsrzbhytuu.jpg

Omg look at the tamago. yumyum!

Our hands were all busy with the ingredients and sushi rice so we weren’t able to take pictures during the process. But we managed to produce beautiful and complete sushi. :p

 photo IMG_2277_zpsnrf1xmvf.jpg


 photo IMG_2280_zpsrpivrnwz.jpg

After making our own, we can finally have our lunch! We moved to the next room and have our futomaki sushi together with a croquette, tofu and miso soup!

 photo IMG_2282_zpslo7o2dli.jpg

 photo IMG_2283_zpsbctnqlqy.jpg

never tried this before but it’s so soft and yummy when eaten with the sauce they provided.

After the satisfying lunch, we went back to our bus and head for our next destination! Which is to learn how to make toothpicks!

 photo IMG_2685_zpsfaqszk6w.jpg

Look at all these delicate tooth picks! They are all hand made ok.

I shall share this with you in the next post together with the hotel I stayed in for the first night and also the buffet we had! Anyway I also want to thank you guys for reading my blog all these years. Thanks for the support!! 😀

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Till next!
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