[S-series] The different types of people you meet on carousell and other online sources.


I have been buying and selling used stuff online ever since I started meddling with photography. Its generally considered as an expensive hobby, this photography has positively drained my coffers of my hard-earned cash, so for a poor man like me, buying and selling used stuff is my only way to maintain this.

I’ve been selling on numerous online forums and most recently I started using carousell. Needless to say, I’ve met my fair share of buyers and sellers, most of them are nice people, but there are occasionally some black sheep in the bunch trying to low-ball(blow) me and feed on my desperation (for the cash) if I didn’t efficiently hide my emotions behind my face.

Generally I have no problems with sellers, because I think I am an okay buyer, don’t wanna create too much trouble and ask too much. Generally I offer my price and if they don’t accept I’ll thank them and leave. To-the-point-efficiency. I mean, why try to beg or scold people for not accepting your offer? They quote their price, you quote yours. If we can get into a mutual understanding, just pack up and leave. Peacefully. No point make each other feel bad for your own selfish reasons and end up gaining nothing in return other than a bad review. Seems like buy and sell is similar to a courtship, albeit a really short one, between the buyer and the seller. My goodness my imaginations…

Here I’ll list a few of the bunch I dislike the most:

  • The Low-Baller:

These people are the most common pests online, sometimes they are like opportunistic pathogens that poke at your defenses to see if you buckle under the pressure. Your list price was actually already 50% the retail price, yes when I post any ad I always do my research first. I find out the CURRENT market rate then I list my price based on the condition. But these worms will offer you $80 for something you list $150 for a condition 9/10 item, which is 40% off the retail price. And after you spend time striking a deal with them… (see next point)

  • The bid-for-fun A-hole:

…then they go MIA… they make you wanna invoke their ancestors. Because they have shit for sincerity, some arses even have to cheek to arrange a meet up then defer at the last minute till finally flying away in a freaking A380, fly your aeroplane got hear before? Bloody waste of your time, its darn obvious they have too much time to spare therefore they can play such screw up game with you. Usually they bid, then u accept, then they say “..on second thought..” then I’ll be cursing you in my mind.

  • The your-price-is-too-expensive-let-me-teach-you-how-to-sell-your-stuff

I seldom encounter this type, but sometimes you find others telling you what price you should be setting for your item, its like they know it better than you but then I’m the one who has the item right? Duh… They will proceed to give you a lecture on how to appraise an artifact. Come on brah, I set my price, if you’re not happy with it, go on and find another seller, let my item stay online and collect virtual dust, don’t waste time, spare us your lectures.

  • The expect-after-sales-services individual

Normally, sellers on carousell are regular citizens you see on the streets. We are not professional sales personnel. We don’t own a shop, so its general understanding that goods once sold are non-exchangeable or refundable. Of course you’re free to contact us regarding any information and whether we wanna refund you for a faulty item is up to us sellers. I’m usually nice, so if the item has an issue, i’ll refund you or just not sell to you at all. I’ll just dump it for the sake of a clear conscience. But don’t expect me to give you after sales service like door to door repair services or delivery service to your door and what not. We are just not a shop, go to a brick and mortar shop if you want that kind of service, and pay the damn price you cheapskate.

Well there are more weirdos in carousell, but I’ll stop here, this is getting more like a ranting post than informative. But I do sincerely hope that it will provide some kind of entertainment to you.