Crazy meatballs from Fat Boy’s – The Burger Bar

Before I walk into a restaurant or cafe, the first thing I’ll check is if they have salad.

Talking about salad, I’m actually quite happy that I never get sick of eating salad. I know alot of people can’t have salad everyday but I guess for myself, it has become a habit. I would feel disturbed if I don’t eat salad or vegetables.

So when my colleagues decided on Fat Boy’s for lunch that day, I did a quick search online and was happy that they have salad on the menu. Well you know Fat Boy’s have never been on my to-go-list as the food are too unhealthy!

 photo IMG_8435-2_zps213wdjvc.jpg

I don’t need to look at the menu and I already know what I want, so I went ahead and ordered my Chicken Caesar Salad – pretty safe choice yeah although Caesar dressing is fat. IMO all dressings are fattening.

Then the waitress told me that there is no salad. OH MY GOD!! I think they ran out of lettuce leaves or something so when I asked for another dish, they say they would have to replace the leaves with fries as well. O god.

When there are no salad choices, I feel lost! So I ended up ordering the MIGHTY MIGHTY MEAT BALLS $16.50 that killed me the whole day and also the day after that. (Photo above)

You know how heavy and sinful this dish is? Pork and Beef DUPER HUGE meatballs drenched in house gravy, topped with BACON, and served with MASH POTATOES AND COLESLAW. It’s super sinful! I only managed to eat 1.5 meal balls because it’s super big and filling. Super jelat too!

I wanted to just stop after the first bite actually. :/ Not because it’s bad but too much for me to handle.

The meatballs are really good by the way. It’s well marinated, meat is tender and juicy, sauce goes super well with the mash potatoes, just that the serving is too huge and there’s nobody else to share with me. All of them have their own to settle. lol.

 photo IMG_8418-2_zpsovkjuxur.jpg

Menu and price for your reference!

 photo IMG_8419-2_zpsqzno8wpm.jpg

Appetizers and Speciality Fries 

Daphy do you want to try their Beef Chili Cheese Fries? :O

 photo IMG_8420-2_zpsms6prtpm.jpg

Their burgers.

 photo IMG_8421-2_zpszhsszwor.jpg


 photo IMG_8422-2_zpsd3lvsgwt.jpg

Customized burger! *All burgers are served with lettuce, tomato and fries, done Medium well unless otherwise instructed.

 photo IMG_8423-2_zpsuqgp4kiq.jpg

I heard that the malt shakes are good, but I never try any.

 photo IMG_8431-2_zpsszx1m6ix.jpg

Chee Shong’s Yolo Burger. Including fried egg, luncheon meat (spam) and cheese sticks! I wonder how he digests this.

 photo IMG_8432-2_zpsycvp9asn.jpg

and I can’t remember what Jx and Pink ordered.

 photo IMG_8430-2_zps7njibnho.jpg

This one got bacon in it so definitely not Pink’s.

 photo IMG_8429-2_zpsxlpdpwte.jpg

This looks like a normal cheeseburger.

 photo IMG_8425-2_zpsz7tjrkux.jpg

Then Jaeq had fish and chips! Comes with mayo and tartar sauce, which looked pretty good.

 photo IMG_8433-2_zpsqhpm2ikm.jpg

Ordered onion rings to share. This is very big too! You can see the big onion strips inside!

Vi ordered Mac and cheese but unfortunately I lost the photo. I tasted the Chicken mac and cheese and it was so-so only, she also commented that it’s not very nice.

 photo IMG_8434-2_zpsavpt1anm.jpg

My meat balls again!

 photo IMG_8435-2_zps213wdjvc.jpg

So.. I guess I won’t go back again unless Daphy wants to go there for lunch. I still feel stressed when I looked at these meatballs. Even Simon says the picture itself already looked jelat. HAHA.

Anyway going forward S-series will cover food also. I decided to let him do the food posts (those that I eat with him) because I think he puts in more effort than me. =x By pushing these to him also means that I can focus on other areas. So yeah S-series will cover food too in future. =D

He cover more things means I got more time to edit videos too. WEEEE. =x

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