[S-series] Gear Review: Peak Design Capture v3 New Stuff Straight from Kickstarter!


Last year, I ‘ve gotten news from Kickstarter about Peak Design’s new campaign. Its a known fact, at least to my dear wife, that I regularly got tempted by various campaigns on Kickstarter. I am so ‘sold’ by some of the campaigns that I actually joined them in their journey of self discovery. With my support, some of them actually went on to form a corporation of great significance on the market.

Ok obviously I’m exaggerating here, luckily I’m not too self-absorbed or delusional enough to not notice my exaggeration. Unlike some people…

Now guys, if you don’t enjoy my mindless babblings, click here to skip to the technical stuff.


ANYWAYS back to the real topic of the day. Peak Design is becoming really popular in the photography scene. Wannabe photographers (like yours truly) likes to doll themselves up with all the latest, coolest, most advanced gears and gadgets… So they can.. erm.. resemble a Pro… Maybe that’s just me, I don’t know.

But the fact is, I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my photography process with new gadgets, and I’m always attracted to these stuff that somehow seems to help in my never ending quest of improvement.

I’ve known about Peak Design since their first ‘Capture’ camera clip. I already owned and sold their ‘Slide Lite’ strap because IMO, nothing beats the simplicity and functionality of Topo Designs Camera Strap, so I made the strap better by incorporating Peak Design’s Anchor Links system (secure quick release mod for fixed straps). So yeah I’m no stranger to the brand.

The Splurge

So I saw they totally revamped their Capture Clip. v3 is so much % smaller and % slimmer than their previous versions, and being designed by an ex-apple engineer who brought that minimalistic look into a functional piece of kit, v3 is an absolute beauty!

I’m so captivated and I’m all for compact and lightweight stuff, so I’m instantly sold. I put my pledge down after a 1min hesitation, by my standards, its ‘reckless abandon’.

Unboxed and Impressions

I got the piece after a few months since the start of the campaign. It’s packed in a sleek looking box which was made in high quality but otherwise unremarkable, guess I dumped it already.

Setting eyes on the Capture v3 for the first time, I’m in love. It feels absolutely solid in my hands. Made almost entirely from a piece of aluminium, and finished with a smooth matt finish. I got the black version but there’s also a silver version if you don’t like to be discreet. Everything fits and complement each other perfectly, somebody give the designer an award already!

Technical Specifications

Some tech specs I got from Peak Design’s site.


  • 1 x Capture Clip
  • 1 x Standard Plate
  • 2 x hand drive bolts & 2 x hex drive long bolts
  • 1 x 4mm hex wrench
  • 1 x microfiber pouch

Actually Using It Out and About

I brought it out to Seoul, South Korea a month ago for a week-long trip. I mount it on my backpack strap and used it with my strap. It takes a little getting used stowing my camera at that position. But I don’t feel the weight when my camera is there. It’s actually quite useful for hiking because it keeps my camera from swaying on my neck (strap), but I believe if I start to run, it will start jerking up and down perilously so I’ll just keep to walking.

Still can’t get over the lump of metal on my chest when I look down. And one issue I noticed while using it for awhile is the plate is a little difficult to put into the clip. It’s a precision fit, you need to position the plate in a specific angle for it to slide in effortlessly. In the wintry condition of Seoul in February and the fact that I’m a tropical climate guy, it can get a little frustrating when I’m too eager to stuff my hands into my warm pockets, instead of subjecting them to the frigid winds trying to fit the damn plate into the clip. Don’t even talk about gloved hands.. I had trouble pressing the release button because the clip is so flat, my camera is very close to my body, hence it’s preventing my fingers from reaching the button.

And Claire absolutely hates it because the thing hurts her when she wants a hug.

But there are things to like about it though. I like it because it’s so slim and compact compared to its previous versions, it doesn’t add much to the overall size of the camera. The bottom plate is also arca swiss compatible, meaning I can just use this plate on my Sirui travel tripod with a little coaxing, because it’s a tad too flat for the ball head to clamp. The clip also weighs next to nothing so you won’t even notice it when you have it on your bag strap. It can also turn any flat strap magically into a solid camera holster of sorts..

Pros and Cons

Here’s a summary from the above passage.


  • Light weight
  • Slim and compact
  • Arca Swiss compatible bottom plate
  • Keeps your camera secure on your bag strap
  • Simple mechanism, easy to operate
  • Looks awesome on anyone!


  • The small margin for error in mounting might drive some people crazy
  • Might not fit with very wide straps
  • Release button can be a little hard to reach depending on the girth of your fingers

There You Have It

My quick and dirty review of a tiny and seemingly unobtrusive piece of gear that may (or may not) bring convenience and joy into your photography workflow.

I… might find a use for it yet.. But I doubt I’ll sell it anyways, unlike some of the gears I tried and come to dislike it over time. Partly because there will be a time I will need it and partly because its so beautiful its a piece of art.

Hope you find my review useful. Cheers.

Simon Tey



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