[S-series] Camping series: And Wifey got me New Gear for my 33rd Birthday

I am getting older

Yes people, time stops for no mortal. Middle age is creeping up to me whether I like it or not. But being with Claire softens the blow tremedously. So the lovely wifey got me a huge ass tent: Wenzel Klondike 8-men Tent.

And I made plans to utilize this huge ass tent, of course.

Bitten by the Camping Bug

This bug bite is itchy as hell, because I can’t stop my fingers from going to site like amazon, backcountry and the likes. I keep on buying little little stuff I think I need for a 2D1N camping trip. And I keep justifying the purchases with myself, telling myself I need these extra stuff like waterproof matches, a small fixed blade camp knife, extra camp table, battery operated pump for airbeds, etc.

Issue is, I went for my previous camp without all these extras and it was okay. Now I’m even looking at a portable mini air-con. Its a hopeless situation.

Plan for Next Camp

And so, no matter what, the next camping trip is happening. This time round, I’m gonna bring my big ass 31in Samsonite luggage I bought used to cart that big ass tent and other equipments around. Check out my packing list for the luggage:

  1. Wenzel Klondike Tent
  2. Aprenaz 70 single airbeds x2
  3. ‘Heli-chiong’ camp chairs x2 (real-deal)
  4. Coleman 4D battery air pump
  5. Ground sheets x3
  6. Stove, butane canister
  7. Mini camp table x2
  8. Pot, mugs and cups
  9. a lantern, a flashlight and a lamp
  10. Portable Mini ‘Air-con’

The above items above will probably fit into the luggage, and it will weigh at least 40kg and above. Grossly ‘overpacked’ for a 2D1N camping trip.. I haven’t factor in the knives and survival kits and all in my backpack. I’m nuts.

For meals, we are only going to cater for our own dinner, and Claire specifically requested for pasta this time round, because she wants to relive the first year we’re together when I brought Claire to East Coast Park and cooked pasta on mess tin over solid fuel, so pasta it is.

Cheap Staycation

Anyways, I’m so looking forward to our trip. No matter how many random things I bought, camping is still cheaper than staycation in a hotel. I want to stay inside the new tent my birthday present and slack all night long. Except for the heat and humidity of our equatorial weather, we have all our basic necessities covered. We’re almost ready to live in the tent if somebody bomb our apartment.

With this, I end this post. Stay tuned for the actual trip coming right up!

Simon Tey

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