Yumcha Express catering & house visit :)

I still remember how sian I was on my first day because I do not know anyone and I was so afraid that I couldn’t click with my colleagues. But now it seems like I have known them for so long. We are always talking about stupid things and laughing like no one else’s business. That’s why a healthy and fun work place is really important to keep people motivated. lol!

This is during CNY where we went to Jaq’s house to bainian, we ordered

YUMCHA EXPRESS and bought Nene Chicken and Yusheng to her house.

Let claire introduce you her colleagues and friends.

 photo c2fb0b0ea637b5bb76aad19e8db1692a_zpskqsbgglr.jpg

From the right, we have Pinky, jiaxin, me, jaq, daphy, vivi, chee shong and lloyd.

 photo 57d53147f776f0972599e38e3f4f685f_zpsf6ieldjz.jpg

After group photo its eating time!

First we have to Lao Yu sheng first! This is a must during Chinese New year. I have never lao yu sheng with my family before lol. I started laoing when I was around 19-20years old when I was working and with my then colleagues.

I think I lao like 3 times this year. Isit the more the merrier?

So anyway the yusheng we got is from Soup restaurant. Its about $30+. Generally I don’t really like to eat yusheng except for the salmon and the crackers (yuan bao).

 photo IMG_8200_zpsmkgsw3zu.jpg

 photo IMG_8201_zpsqvfxi39r.jpg

After eating the yusheng we can finally start eating our dimsum and chicken!

Nene chicken is not bad leh, taste abit like four fingers. But of course 4 fingers is better. I also realized that I preferred soggy chickens than crispy ones now.. Same like my love for soggy fries.

 photo IMG_8205_zpsapa9chqc.jpg

And here is our dim sum spread! Didn’t manage to finish all! I didn’t try all of them but only a few. When we reached Jaq’s house the dim sum is not that warm already, but nevertheless I still enjoyed the feast!

Daphy also brought salad for the veggie lovers!

Next will be all the food pics!

 photo IMG_8207_zpstwj5t1hh.jpg


 photo IMG_8208_zpszvkbuzgj.jpg

Fried Carrot Cake 腊味蘿卜糕 

 photo IMG_8209_zpsddfjkfbn.jpg

Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf 荷葉糯米雞 – I tried a bit of this, and it was not too bad.

 photo IMG_8210_zps5ahormnl.jpg

Crispy Vegetarian Spring Roll 上素炸春卷 – I like the spring roll but can only have one. LOL!

 photo IMG_8211_zps3oz6rftp.jpg

Har gow 飲茶蝦餃皇 – the har gow taste pretty standard, but the prawns are quite fresh.

 photo IMG_8217_zpsdv7dzpx6.jpg

Sesame BBQ Pork Pastry 芝麻叉燒酥 

 photo IMG_8218_zpsqmem3jfb.jpg

The HongKong style fried noodle – oh this is quite good, alot of ‘liao’ inside as well.

 photo IMG_8219_zpsefepillt.jpg

BBQ Pork Bun 蚝皇叉燒包 – would like to try my favourite charsiew bao but I was already full.

 photo IMG_8214_zpsxgsafgdp.jpg

Crystal Chives Dumpling 韭菜水晶包 – this one is quite normal. 

 photo IMG_8215_zpsjnfdih62.jpg

Siew Mai with Fish Roe 魚子蒸燒賣 – interesting concept to put fish roe, but the siew mai taste pretty normal.

 photo IMG_8212_zpsectykliq.jpg

Chicken Yam Puff 峰巢荔芋角 – I didn’t get to try this! I thought it will taste good though. 

 photo IMG_8216_zpswokrspnu.jpg
鍋貼 GUOTIE taste pretty decent, a pity there isn’t any ginger and vinegar. I think I’m asking too much. hahaha!

I couldn’t find my egg tart photo btw! I personally don’t really like the egg tart though.

 photo IMG_8213_zpsuykuexfc.jpg

The very yummy salad!

Overall I think the Dim Sum are not too bad, it’s just a pity that we were late if not we will be able to enjoy warmer ones, one thing for sure is the food are definitely not soggy. If you have any family/friends/office gathering and craving for dimsum then Yum Cha express is a good choice. 😀

You can visit their website over here: http://yumchaexpress.com.sg/ 🙂

I’m having another house visit on the 19th. LOL this time round poker time! And see if theres anything i can blog about then! 🙂