These are the things that you can’t save on..

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My hobby is….. Saving money. All the while Ive been looking forward to finish my studies so that I could finally start working, earn and save money.

Very long ago I wrote about how I save money, you can check it out over here. To me, saving money is a sense of satisfaction. And when you see the numbers growing in your account, it’s a sense of achievement too. I am constantly setting goals, numbers are always running in my head, this is also why I get stressed easily.

But over the years, as much as I loved the idea of saving, I know there are things that I just can’t save on, and these are what I call the essentials. The following are the things that keep you safe, healthy and happy, well at least for me.

  1. Supplements and vitamins
  2. Seeing the doctor when you are sick
  3. ‘Good’ food
  4. Insurance
  5. Skin care

Supplements and vitamins: I stopped all my supplements and vitamins in order to save a little bit more, but end up dropping hair again.

Supplements/vitamins are there to take up the nutritional slack. I am very sure that most of us don’t meet the recommended requirements, as for me.. not even the bare minimum. Our body can’t function properly if we are lacking in vitamins, our metabolism, immunity and digestion will all be affected.

So for the sake of my hair.. I am going to start on my GNC hair skin and nails again! Can’t stand my hair no more!

Refuse to see doctor even when I’m sick: I really hate seeing doctor, the wait, the medicine and the money! I think I inherit these from my family because they don’t see doctor at all unless they are in extreme pain or when they see blood? I was like that as well but not anymore. I hate being sick so much that I’d rather get well soon than prolong the agony.

Also, It’s better to find out the problem earlier, like what if there’s really some thing growing in you and you thought it was nothing until later when it got worse? I really hated the fact that I went for my scope (it’s about a few hundred!) but I felt so relieved when I know that there’s nothing inside my body.

Good food: I’m not talking about fine dining food, expensive food here. I’m talking about nutritious food. To save that extra bit, I would rather eat snacks for my meal (last time). Now when I think about it, it’s really stupid. Other than snacks are making me fat, I gained about 8kgs in 2015, will blog about it soon and yes I have lost them all!  they also made me feel lethargic and grumpy. When I don’t have my protein, fruits and veggies, I just feel like shit. A balanced diet is so important. Actually no meat i still can survive, but no veggies I can die.

Insurance: Even though I hate insurance agents, hey sorry I mean those very assertive ones like you’re walking on the streets and they die die want you to sit down and talk to them? There are some who don’t even care if you’re rushing or not. These are the people that pissed me off.

I bought my first insurance at the age of 23. I always thought it’s a waste of money but after listening to my colleagues and friends, insurance is a must-buy! I think everyone should have a health and life insurance. Very important. If you haven’t have any yet then should start getting now!

Skincare: Do not go and buy cheap and brand-less product just because you want to save that little bit of money please. Your face is super important! This also applies to cheap facial treatments or beauty care, omg all these are NONO.

I believe there are still more but I just can’t get them out right now. Usually if I really need to save more then I will cut down on shopping, but now I got one more thing to add on to which is my mobile data!! My colleagues and Simon are all stressing me now. ROARRRR.. oh well..

Anyway it’s really important to have savings. You don’t know what will happen in the future. If you really have zero savings then you better start saving now, start from $100/month is also better than nothing!

Now I have to go reflect on my mobile data which I don’t know why I hit more than 10GB a month.. I think I watched too much youtube videos. Gonna control from this month onwards!

I think Im done with my rambling. Hope this random post today helps you a little in knowing what NOT to save on and also PLEASE START SAVING if you have not! Well, save on the right thing though..