Gown Forestry Singapore

Yesterday I walked pass this bridal shop called Gown Forestry, and I got attracted to one of the gowns on display. I really love that piece and honestly I want to take a photo of it. It’s a simple design I would say but really stand out in my opinion.. not white color, off white probably or more to the beige color.

We walked back and got stop by the sales rep, the uncles really very cute.. I think they are helping the actual sales rep to stand in and they looked kinda stress. The promo price right now is really acceptable but it’s too early leh to book anything. Furthermore I just start working and our focus this year is our flat.

I think Simon wasn’t very impressed with the photographs, and my focus was only on the model hahaha. Her poses were very good so I guess that’s why I thought the photos looked quite ok..

Anyway I really like that piece of gown, and I hope I can find another piece I like or I will just rent that one which would be super costly for a day! Let’s find more first. LOL. That’s not my priority now. lol!

If you would happen to know anything about Gown Forestry, then email me also! dreylim1@gmail.com =D