[Simonseries] Photography: Hiatus


Its been 10 months since my last post. And the past 10 months is like a roller coaster or more like a static line jump with a tangled up parachute. If you know what I mean… In short, its been tough.. and its when things are this tough, then you start to remember all the life lessons you learn.

My parents, my brothers and the army gave me a lot of life lessons. Things people said to me, how people behave during their ups and downs in life, all these are lessons for me to remember. But even with a lot of preparations, nothing can prepare you for when you kena rammed by a truck. Kung Fu master also will break bones loh.

Well I wouldn’t wanna broadcast what happened here. Doing that will make me feel as if I’m an exhibitionist. My life is my own. I’d just say its really a huge ‘down’ in my life. The ‘biggest fall’, like jumping into a bottomless pit with no parachute (lucky don’t have a bottom for me to hit. will probably die from the impact). And honestly I thought I handled it pretty well. Maybe I’m really resistant or I’m super adaptable. But deep inside me is there’s a gaping void kena dug out by a mini-caterpillar brand excavator.

Well now things have been getting back in order. As you can see, I’m back here, writing whatever I feel like writing. The excavator kena sacked liao, the lost sheep is back in the barn, and my surprisingly colossal kokoro. The void is getting filled up steadily and I am seriously enjoying the stability thats came back to my life.

I hate roller coasters.

Out from the darkness, into the light.

Like it or not, you guys will see more of me here. Ciao people.

Simon Tey