Hai Di Lao Hot Pot at home: Hai Di Lao Soup base Mala Spicy Flavour VS Tomato Flavour

I was never a fan of steamboat until I tried Beauty Pot. I love the msg loaded soup base, bean curd rolls and meat.

And that was why I suggested to have hot pot at home with my friends and Simon. It’s easy to do steamboat when you can get soup base in supermarkets!

I wanted to try the tomato soup base from Hai Di Lao but I couldn’t find it at Seletar Mall Fairprice so I went ahead to get the Mala one. And guess what… I regretted my choice.

The mala spicy soup base was actually not that spicy, but it made my tongue numb. I was looking forward to soaking the ‘bean curd roll’ with the soup but I stopped after trying one.

It’s pretty tasteless I feel but it was fun because it’s our first steamboat session and I had great company that night. Maybe it’s just me. But I love Mala Guo leh.. The soup is just not so good.


Cheese Tofu, RICE CAKES, hot dogs and meat balls are the must haves in my hot pot. Especially hot dogs! They are like my favourite in this world haha!


Of course you also need meat, vegetables, tau pok, vegetables balls and crabmeats.


BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT ITEM you need to have is this, the ‘Ling Ling Juan’ Ring roll. Remember the fried bean curd roll at Beauty Pot? This is a good substitute.

Lucky Nic and Xy bought this, otherwise I would have missed this ‘ho liao’.


And when everything is done, it’s time to eat! woohoo!




I just love having rice cakes in my hot pot, they absorb the soup and taste so good and chewy! But not so good for the mala base, cos I really disliked the numb feeling.


We only used one packet and it’s so red already!

And that same week on Sunday, Simon and I also tried the Tomato base!

This is GOOD. We used one but I think we need like 2 or 3 if there are 4 people.


Don’t believe the 3-5 pax, bluff people one.


Looking at this made me want to eat again. And it’s cheap somemore! So much cheaper than we were to go eat at Hai Di Lao.

We spent about $11 per pax for that steamboat session! Definitely worth it!


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