[S-series] Camping series: Pasir Ris Park Pt 1, Planning and Preparation

Hi guys

Recently, I’ve got bitten by the camping bug. I’m becoming obsessed with dragging Claire outdoors for a camping trip… in Singapore.

I know we’ve been travelling quite a bit, so I thought we should do something else here at home, so as to allow our bank accounts to heal. Or so I thought.

Planning for the Trip

I am with the impression that camping is easy here in Singapore. It’s my home ground anyways, so it will be safe and I would know where to camp, what to avoid and how to save cost. But as it turn out, I’ll always go for quality and practical stuff that are not exactly cheap. So I ended up spending too much money for durable equipment and items that will increase our comfort level that are not essential at the same time…

My bias for Japanese goods isn’t helping as well, outdoor equipment brand like Snow Peak is always my top choice, and they aren’t cheap… So although I’ll share my shopping list, please don’t follow it if you wanna go budget friendly..


Shopping List

  1. Xtreme 4-person tent $Free (sort of..)– Luckily I got this many years ago. Bought it from one of the hypermarkets to store in my parents’ storeroom, finally get to utilize it. The price has inflated to $69.90 as of the date of this post. This tent is a little old and sticky even though it never saw daylight, but I shall use it for now, if we are serious about camping, I might invest in a better tent.
  2. Quechua Single Airbed x2 $19.90 ea – This one is really a luxury, a simple $10 sleeping bag would suffice, but I insisted on sleeping on air.
  3. Solove Li-ion Fan x2 $10 ea – Atas China-made rechargeable fan. I paid a premium for its lightweight and battery life. Claimed to last 13hrs at speed 1. Need these to survive Singapore’s weather.
  4. Snow Peak Steel Kettle/Pot No.1 ~$25 – This will serve as my kettle and pot for cooking. Its got a nice sprout so I can make my coffee easily. Yes I’m gonna grind my beans outdoors. Most of all, its Snow Peak.
  5. Snow Peak Gigapower Stove ~$30 – This is kinda of a flop, because it only takes ‘Lindal valve’ Isobutane canisters as its fuel. Its super difficult to find locally and nobody would ship these canisters to you. I was lucky I found someone selling some here. But its OK, its Snow Peak.
  6. Maxsun Butane Canister 230g $17 – This is why I feel stupid, the canisters here are expensive! I know Snow Peak sell their equivalent in Japan less than 10 SGD. But I’ve got no choice. I read online that I can use an adapter with the usual steamboat gas can you can find anywhere in SG, but a helpful guy from a camping store I visited told me I can’t use the adapter because the connection won’t be strong enough to hold the weight of my pot. Thanks man, you’re a lifesaver.
  7. 5L Coleman Cooler Box $15 (2nd hand) – for keeping ice and ice-cold beer. Whats a camping trip without beer!!! Apparently the previous owner used this for her baby’s food. Well that’s fine as long as I wash it thoroughly.
  8. IKEA Smaskiga Plates x2 $1.90 – these cheap looking enamel plates will serve well as camp plates. In thr past people use enamel plates and mugs for camp. But I doubt these will last for long..
  9. Imitation Helinox styled camp chair x2 $20 ea – I envisioned me and Claire sitting outside our tent just listening to the waves crashing against the beach. Gotta have chairs. Bought these from Taobao, hope they last..
  10. NatureHike mini table $18 – This table is a replica of Snow Peak Ozen Solo table, which I wanted. But I caved in to this replica for the price. With this super compact portable table, we will be able to set our food on a clean surface instead of the dirt. Makes me happy to protect my atas cups and utensils too. LOL.
  11. Iwatani Gas Grill (Iwatani furnace Bata Gen. Abuie (ABURIYA) W) $50 – I was an impulse buy. I happened to see this while searching for disposable BBQ kit, got intrigued and went searching for it. Apparently you can only find Iwatani Gas cans here but not this grill. So I went to carousell and this item turn up as the first item on my search. It must be fate. And so I bought it. Right now, I’m gonna use it to do a yakiniku date night with wifey! And I list it here because this grill is quite portable, I am considering the possibility of bringing it to camp.


List of Other Items to Bring:

  1. Snow Peak Stackable mug set S + 300ml 60th Anniversary mug – Bought them in Japan. I know I know, my investment sense seems dumb. But there are made of titanium what.. Its super strong, super light, and its Snow Peak.
  2. Snow Peak Spork x2 – Splurging on utensils, when I can just bring my steel fork and spoons from home. Well.. They are made of Titanium, super strong super light weight and super useful.
  3. Fairy Lights – AA Batteries operated fairy lights I bought from Taobao. Cheap, pretty and practical. But I’ll still bring my headlamp and torch though.
  4. Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0 – So we can keep our bums clean and dry when sitting on the grass. This is my ultralight picnic mat that’s always with me wherever I go, its waterproof so I can use it against the rain too.
  5. Black Diamond Ion Headlamp – Tiny headlamp that uses touch control. A bit fidgety because you can accidentally activate it in your pocket and drain its battery. But I like it for its size. Saved us on a deserted, unlit road at night back in Hakone.
  6. Insect Countermeasures – Mosquito coils, insect repellents and talcum powder. Yes talcum powder, to deter ants.
  7. Knives – Opinel No.6 folding knife for cooking, and my handy little Coldsteel Recon Micro for other purposes, doesn’t include stabbing people. I’m not a murdering psychopath for your information..


Always Be prepared

So one of the many things I learnt from NS is always be prepared, because you only have your equipment and yourself to help you through your missions. So in a Singaporean park, where you might get fined for breaking a tree branch and using it as firewood, you pretty much only have what you brought out with you and the nearest 7-11 to help you. That explains my long list above, and its by no means exhaustive.

If you’ve notice there’s a good number of Snow Peak products, that’s because its become my new obssesssion to waste my money on…

Gonna end this now, stay tuned to part 2 where I’ll talk about the actual camping experience, after we actually go and camp next week…

Simon Tey

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