Breadtalk Singapore new salted eggyolk croissant review!

Yay I love Daphy! Because she always intro new stuffs to me. 😀 Okay so anyway Breadtalk launches this mini salted egg yolk croissant which claims to be super mini, super yummy and super ‘mi dao wo’.

I saw Daphy eating that on Friday and I was already telling Simon that I need to try this. So after work I went hunting and realized that these mini goodness are only available in selected places. -_-

BUT it’s okay.. because I got to try them on Saturday at Serangoon Nex! I was there to open a new ocbc savings account to keep my ‘si fang qian’. :p

 photo IMG_8654_zpskywo4pzm.jpg

New product must try! Yes it’s really a must try! How can I not try salted egg yolk!
Even more amazing is that they are on the hot tray which means I’m eating piping hot croissant with warm runny eggshiokilyolky (wth??) sauce.

I got 2 and it’s only $1 for one! 😀

 photo IMG_8655_zpsaeqskxrj.jpg

The mini croissant!

 photo IMG_8656_zpszehnocbz.jpg

It’s actually quite oily!

 photo IMG_8658_zpssvwzxrqd.jpg

I had a bite and this is what happened! Everything ooze out, onto my hand, onto the floor..

 photo IMG_8657_zpsdliftvdl.jpg

It’s so fingerlicking good! The crispy pastry and the sauce just makes me super high! LOL. The only thing I would feedback on is my throat became very dry after one of this. And one mini croissant is enough for me because I tend to get jelat every easily.

So conclusion is. YES NEW PRODUCT MUST TRY because it’s worth it!