[S-series] Camping series: Pasir Ris Park Revisited, Because We Got a Giant Tent This Time.

Hi Guys,

Me and Claire went on our camping trip again. This time with that giant tent I told you all about, and it was phenomenal!


Pasir Ris Park again..

If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

Yeah, we picked Pasir Ris park again, maybe because its the closest camping location to our home. But because I highly doubt Claire can take the ruggedness of places like Pulau Ubin, I stuck to the same formula again so I can break into this activity gently.

I picked another area this time round, the toilet seems newer and perhaps, cleaner than the one we went previously. So I guess we can finally take a shower for a fresher night’s sleep that night.

Pitching THE tent


This was a much bigger tent than our last one, so it took us a good amount of hammering and sweat to set it up. We probably took about 20 mins to set up the above. But it was totally worth the effort, and money too. See Claire chilling in the tent?


The tent has a room and an enclosed ‘porch’ with full length mesh windows all round, so its a really good place to chill. The breeze just pass through the mesh and it kept the bugs out. It was really great, all chilling and no bugs.


After checking the weather forecast, we decided to just leave the rain fly in the bag. So when night came, we can have an unobstructed view of the night sky through our mesh roof.

Enjoy the Sunset


While we couldn’t watch the sun setting into the horizon, because we’re on the wrong side of Singapore for sunsets. But the sky put up a show of changing colours from blue to crimson to black.


And we of course have to steal a few shots of the people and the worms hanging out around our tent, literally or not..


That’s about it

We then spent our time attracting unwanted attention due to our unusual tent, cooking frozen oxtail soup and eating it with stale bread, all done inside the tent.

After which we took turns taking a shower and then watched a movie on my tablet pc where Claire fell asleep around the halfway point..

I guess I made camping too comfortable for her, that’s why she let down her guard so easily and slept like a baby. The fact is, we’re in a tent, covered by walls of cloth. And its not even locked. We put our faith and humanity and I guess our society generally have good morals.

I don’t think we will be camping again this month, but never say never. I’m enjoying it. And I will have Claire learn to enjoy it more.

Cheers people.

Simon Tey


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