[S-series] 5D4N Tokyo (Spring!) Pt.5: Chidorigafuchi, Yasukuni Shrine Grounds, Shibakoen, Tokyo Tower, food and more!

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Hi Guys

Day 5, its a bittersweet day, its a last day with a full free time for us to explore this wonderful place. Any amount of days is never enough. But well, all good things shall come to an end.

Today is the day we want to visit all the things we missed out on, today is the day of catching up. And to start that off, the mandatory walk to the station with sakura blooming, they are everywhere!


And so we walked to Komagome subway station, took to Nanboku line to Nagatacho station where we changed to Hanzomon Line and alighted at Hanzomon station.

Maybe if I make it look like below, it will be easier to understand:

Komagome Station > Nanboku Line > Nagatacho Station > Hanzomon Line > Hanzomon Station.

If you look at Google Map, you will probably think why am I choosing such a round-about way to get to Hanzomon Station, I could’ve just scrap the walk to Komagome station and take the subway from Sugamo station, which is like 5mins away from our hotel?

Trust me on this, Tokyo subway’s interchange stations make you walk up to 1.2km just to switch lines! Yes. The longest distance I seen is 1.2km! It’s MIND-BLOWING! My mind absolutely cannot fathom why we have to walk so far to switch lines, I could’ve gone out and take a bus to the next station and it going to be justifiable to do that.


Well, enough whining.

We were going to walk from Hanzomon to Chidorigafuchi, so I saw Doutor Coffee and thought we will give it another chance. Another chance because our first trip here, Douter coffee is.. not for me taste buds..

And this day, true enough, it proved that nothing’s change since many years ago. Doutor Coffee tasted like ******* to me.


And so we join the crowd that’s already forming at the park, hence begins the shuffling.. Through sakura littered paths choked full of human traffic..


Claire took 10mins to wait for her turn to stand in that position. Lucky I’ve got her.


Yup, that’s about it for Chidorigafuchi. It’s full of beautiful views and flowers in bloom. Just plain beautiful. All that shuffling in the slow moving crowd is all worth it, even though I absolutely hate doing that.

Yasukuni Shrine Grounds


Hunger strikes and so we go to our favourite place to get a meal, one of those convenience stores in the city. And so we packed some bentos and walk into the shrine grounds for an impromptu picnic on a bench. And that’s how its like when we were here, own time own target.

After which, we walked around the shrine grounds to take in the beauty if the place.


Shibakoen and Tokyo Tower

Next up, we took the subway from Kudashita station to Jimbocho then to Shibakoen station. Because I wanted to visit Tokyo Tower, I mean, we’ve been here for a number of times and we never been anywhere near Tokyo Tower? This is unthinkable!

So here we are.


We came here in the afternoon and lots of people are already here chope-ing a good spot for merry-making time with their friends. This cheery atmosphere is really contagious and that’s really a good thing isn’t it.


We continued on pass the park and all the way to Tokyo Tower, and the following photos are sights we encountered as we make our way to Tokyo Tower. From Shibakoen to Zōjō-ji temple that was just raining sakura everywhere to the base of the tower.

Enjoy the following photos people.


Within the grounds of Zōjō-ji, there’s this place near the carpark and the little teahouse where sakura trees are raining petals all around us. It was really beautiful, and we stood there for like 15mins just soaking in the magic of this quiet place.


No sure if you all can spot the petals all around Claire, I really love it.


Then we came across this place lined with little baby statues that look like Jizō. We were taking photos of them thinking they were really cute, but there was a sad story behind the. Each of these statues represents a stillborn, miscarriage or aborted child… It’s called Mizuko kuyō, part of a funeral service. Seeing the gentle expression on the statues, I hope they find peace, both the child and the parents…


Tokyo Tower

We finally made our way to the tower. It looks quite impressive up close, it’s kinda the icon for Tokyo for awhile now because most of the anime or manga I read always feature it no matter what. And because of that, I longed to pay it a visit. Though we waited till our 3rd visit to Tokyo for that…


After all the different views of the tower, we ended up skipping its observation deck. We just kinda decided that its not worth our money to go up there and catch a view of the city and maybe buy a couple of overpriced souvenirs to stick to our fridge..

I guess its enough to just go up under it and appreciate this beautiful structure.


After the visit, we walked to the nearest metro station, which wasn’t really that near. It took us 15 mins of brisk walking pace to the station, where we catch a train to…

…Azabu Juban

Where we locate one of the cafes I shortlisted. But it was when I’m at its door, deep in a suburban area, that I realized the cafe doesn’t open until 6 or 7pm. In its place is another cafe/patisserie kind of place that also sells awesome coffee.

We found out by paying the price.. The cakes were nice, but at about 10 to 20 SGD per slice, its super over kill. We had a little problem communicating with the staff there and I thought it was a package to buy the coffee and the cake at a combo price of about 20 SGD for both of us. But no, she was just asking if we wanted coffee to go with our cakes…


Well at least it was all instagram worthy and all that. I’m just trying to soften the blow to my wallet and that aching of my poor heart..

Tokyo station – Marunouchi

The sun is setting fast and we have to strike one more place from my ambitious list today, that is the Tokyo Station, I meant the Tokyo station building, a historical building built in 1914. And they were kept in really good condition!


And then, we went outside to get those mandatory touristy photos.


Sushi for Dinner

We just went to Ueno and randomly entered a sushi place, sushi because it was our last night in the country, so I thought we might as well just splurge on it.

The restaurant was Tsukiji Sushi-sen Ueno There was a mandatory 500 yen fee for the appetizer and condiments etc when you dine in a sushi restaurant, and I feel its a real rip off to be honest. The appetizer is not something you get to choose and what we got was a tiny bowl of what seems like scraps.

Anyways, the spread was as follows. The seafood was good, but the raw horse meat, as we later found out.. was kinda gross.. something we’re really not used to, I guess.


We left the place soon after, and I was shown a bill of about 8000 yen! I remembered the 2 sushi sets we ordered were about 2500 yen each and there was a 50% discount for the 2nd set. that would mean add up to about half that 8k bill! But because there was a language barrier issue here, I just paid and left..

It was only when I was holding my credit card statement then I knew the restaurant made a mistake on our bill, because they actually reversed that 8000 yen charge and charge me 3470 yen for our meal. Thank God the Japanese are honest people.

I love Japan.

Simon Tey


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