Life Update: Mcdonald’s Ha Ha Cheong Gai Burger, PS Cafe, Marmalade Pantry, I want my noodle and TWG

Hi guys, I know I’ve been quiet for a few weeks already. You know I need my 100% focus when it comes to exams. I cannot let myself get distracted if not I will start to forget what I study. So I’m sorry for the lack of updates.

I am very active on IG stories (CLAIREAUDREYLIM) and I share almost every single thing I do. And I am actually quite active on Dayre, easier to blog there. If you miss me, you know where to find me. =D

So now I’m left with the last test and I’m really excited. I can’t believe I’m really doing this but I’m really excited!!! Super thankful for the recent meetup with N. It’s like every single thing that he can link me up with he will, I wonder what have I done to deserve this friend. =(

Since I’m studying now + having a short break, I also have more time to meet up with my friends!

Today I’m gonna blog about what I’ve been doing recently other than studying. =P

On 5th July, Thursday. Eunice treated me to dinner after I came back from Hong Kong and we had dinner at P.S Cafe @ Raffles City.

Always happy to take photos!

A selfie!

We ordered the following to share

  • Truffle fries ( scroll down for pics cos I went there last weekend again)
  • Spicy King Prawn Aglio Olio
  • Sticky date steamed pudding

They checked if we were sharing and helped us to split into 2 portions. Damn sweet and the pasta was so good! Al dente and the prawns were so juicy and fresh!

A very sinful choice but not regretting this cos it’s damn nice too!

Then recently Mcdonald also launch the new Ha Ha Cheong Gai Chicken Burger right? I liked it alot leh. I wanted to try the drumlets also but cannot lah on this day I think I ate too much meat already.

The meat is damn juicy and tender even though you can’t really taste the sauce or spice used. It’s too subtle.

Sorry for the poor quality. Too hungry already. I can never be a food blogger.

How about some criss cut fries for you? They always never fill up the packet one.

On 7th July, Saturday, I brought Simon to Marmalade Pantry for early dinner. Wanted to try truffle fries also but they ran out of truffle oil… seriously.. LOL but if I’m not wrong this outlet at ION is also closing down.

For the record, I was very stressed from studying so I wanted to spend some money. So I brought him there and I paid for the meal.

I don’t like people to think that I’m nua ing at home and spending my husband’s money. And even if my next job is not working out hor, I also won’t use his money. I don’t know why when I tell people I’m trying something new and see how it goes, they gave me the same answer.


I cannot use my own savings meh?

Sorry ah I get very pekcek when people always think women must depend on guys to survive.

Okay so back to the meal, no truffle fries and they tried to charge me for the truffle fries and another dish which didn’t come to us at all. LOL.

Here’s the menu! I always take photos of menu so I can share with you all and for my future reference. 😀

We ordered the following to share:

  • Seared Scallop and Prawn pasta
  • Pan seared Barramundi

I really love this dish. The scallop’s the best!

Did I told you before I’m not really a fan of fish except for Saba, salmon and unagi? HAHA. But the barramundi was quite good man!

After that I went to TWG, wanted to have high tea, but was too full so I bought macarons to try! Never try their macarons before, damn suaku. Once again I bought these myself.

I even tell Simon eh cheap hor $2 for one? He was like cheap meh?? LOL
But nice lah and honestly it’s cheaper than Laduree one leh! I haven’t even try the ones at Laduree. My plan was to go New York next year but seems like being self employed means I will be damn busy!! Traveling means will miss out on alot of opportunities. O god.. me time how.. 

I remembered taking a photo of the flavours but I think I accidentally deleted them. Anyway my favourite is the napolean caramel. DAMN AWESOME! 

This is so so so nice!!! 

The chocolate one I thought it was okay only. 

Tiramisu one also not bad! 

Went to Wisma and there are more macaroons here! It’s $2.80 each hor so it’s more expensive than TWG one. 

Went back to ION and stopped at Olivia Burton to check out watches. So cute hor their watches..

12th July, Thursday

When I see myself with makeup everyday I don’t bother taking selfie but now it’s different so must have one even if I’m sitting in the MRT station LOL.. 

Yay with Huizhen!

We had dinner at I want my noodles at Shaw Center. Thanks Joyce for the intro! 

The bachormee looks so good and the dessert wantons’ so interesting. Gonna bring Simon here next time to try. It’s damn quiet at night btw.

The menu! 

The menu Part 2. 

We ended up ordering the huge wantons instead of the dessert wantons. lol. 

The Bachormee which I thought was a little spicy and salty! I even had stomachache the next day! But not because of their food la, it’s my weak stomach. 

Love the interior as well! 

And we actually twinning that day! Same BAG and same wallet brand. I’m actually changing my wallet soon! Have been looking around but can’t decide which one to buy!

I also need a new cardholder for my name cards wahahaa.

14th July, Saturday

Dinner with Simon at PS Cafe. 

Finally truffle fries for him! 

And I actually think the fries at Strangers’ Reunion is better than PS Cafe. I think it’s because of the mayo!

PS burger was okay only.

After that I walked around and decided to walk into Precious Thots. =p 

The mugs actually quite cute but then.. not sure if I would need a mug for my new job. 

And I almost want to buy this motivational calendar but you know what.. it’s all in the mind.. I just need to stay positive! It’s close to $30 leh.. better don’t waste money!

And finally to NBC. why pusheen getting more and more cute sia hahaha. 

I shall continue my other dates in another post.  I accepted too many jobs this week and I haven’t even complete my notes for my upcoming exam. Damn! But looking forward to what’s coming. It’s not gonna be easy! Gonna work rly rly rly hard!!

Kinda worried for November cos I will be away for 2 weeks. 🙁



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