E20: Gim Tim Restaurant 锦珍酒楼 Blk 157 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 with family!

Not so long ago we went to Gim Tim Restaurant for my father-in-law’s 70th birthday celebration. I remembered Simon telling me his parents liked the food here and used to bring him here when he was much younger. That’s probably why he chose this place, there is no other place that can be as meaningful as Gim Tim as this is a place that brings back many good memories.

Gim Tim restaurant is located at Blk 157, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 #01-546 Singapore 560157, whereas the other 2 restaurants, Imperial Court and Tim Palace are located at Grassroots’ club and Safra Toa Payoh respectively.

A restaurant set up right in the neighbourhood just makes me feel super relaxed and comfortable. I feel very homey and welcomed when I was there.

 photo IMG_3435_zpst552tcbp.jpg

There are a total of 6 chinese set menus and we ordered Chinese Set Menu C which is about $522.16 including GST per table (10 pax). The Chinese Set Menu C includes

  • Salad lobster combination 龙虾三彩拼
  • Braised Superior Shark’s Fin with Brown Sauce 红烧大排翅
  • Crispy Roasted Duck with Slice Mango 香芒挂炉鸭
  • Steamed Grouper with Soya Sauce 港式蒸海班
  • Braised Mini Abalone with Wild Mushroom and Green 香汁野菌汤鲍仔
  • Fried Deshell Prawn with Pumpkin Sauce 金瓜奶香虾球
  • Fried Two Type Rice with Cavier 渔子鸳鸯饭
  • Chilled Lemon Ice Jelly with Aloe Vera 缤纷芦荟香茅冻

 photo IMG_3436_zpsehicv4ge.jpg

Peanuts and fried fish skin were served first and it didn’t take very long for our mains to come. For the very first dish we had the:

Salad lobster combination 龙虾三彩拼

 photo IMG_3437_zps1c0e9rje.jpg

The highlight of this dish is the mayo lobster with rock melon which is right at the center of the picture. I am not a fan of that but instead I went crazy with the winglets. They are so good and addictive I couldn’t stop at just one.

I’m a sucker for wings, I usually love all kinds of wings but these ones, are really good.

Next, Braised Superior Shark’s Fin with Brown Sauce 红烧大排翅

 photo IMG_3439_zpsiaizveu5.jpg

To me shark fin soup all taste the same, very nice, thick and rich. Quite surprised that they put beansprouts in the soup though.

After the soup, here comes the Crispy Roasted Duck with Slice Mango 香芒挂炉鸭

 photo IMG_3438_zpsfayqovty.jpg

The duck is good, roasted nicely, not too dry and the skin is crispy enough. The salty sauce compliments the taste. BUT, I still love the one from Dian Xiao Er.

Next, Braised Mini Abalone with Wild Mushroom and Green 香汁野菌汤鲍仔

 photo IMG_3440_zpsbp6be5nn.jpg

Abalone. Anyone a fan of this? Sadly I’m not. I can never appreciate abalone. The sauce is really good by the way.

For the 5th dish, it is Fried De-shell Prawn with Pumpkin Sauce 金瓜奶香虾球

 photo IMG_3442_zpsrw8vmjgs.jpg

I thought it is salted egg yolk because they taste the same. But does it matter? No not really because the prawns are juicy, big and fresh and as long as they are yummy, I don’t really care what sauce is that, I just gobble it all down!

followed by the Steamed Grouper with Soya Sauce 港式蒸海班

The grouper is probably my favourite for the day. So fresh and tasty you just feel so happy eating it! I am not a fan of fish by the way, so if I love this that much then this must be really something!

 photo IMG_3441_zpskq08sbhq.jpg

And then It’s carbo time!

Fried Two Type Rice with Caviar 渔子鸳鸯饭

I usually hate all the noodles and rice dishes and wanted to skip this but I gave it a try anyway because the rice looks really interesting.

It is such a delicious bowl of rice! I didn’t know that the combi of these 3, caviar, brown rice and white rice could be so good. The taste and the texture is so on point and so yummy!

 photo IMG_3443_zps6sh6xuna.jpg


and finally dessert where we had Chilled Lemon Ice Jelly with Aloe Vera 缤纷芦荟香茅冻

 photo IMG_3444_zpsu3xgankr.jpg

A great way to end the meal with a extremely refreshing dessert! 😀

 photo unnamed 1_zps0apgrs0v.jpg

It was really satisfying! I am gonna bring my ahma there soon. 😀

After we are done with our lunch, we cut cake and sang birthday song in the restaurant! By the way can you look at this cake? It’s super old school right? We all thought it’s going to taste bad until we tried it ourselves! I love this one, soft and not too sweet. I don’t mind having this for my birthday next year.

 photo unnamed_zpsggoi2pwe.jpg

Love it when cake doesn’t have too much cream. 😀

 photo unnamed 2_zpsnarbpjnn.jpg

It was a very fun day out, having lunch, cutting cake, singing song and goofing around. I hope to be able to do this with my family too but it’s kinda difficult.. well be positive! I shall bring my ahma here soon. ^^

After our meal, we went to a nearby basketball court and start playing with a drone! It is so fun but scary at the same time. I really enjoyed myself and I hope to have more outings like this in the near future.

So this sums up the whole day and do give Gim Tim a try if you never before. Really good chinese food. ^^

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