[S-series] Misfit Ray on Claire, stand a chance to win one for yourself too!


Just recently we gotten hit by Misfit Ray, its like a beam-weapon and once you get hit you become a cool misfit.. No lah no lah, Misfit Ray is actually a sleek looking fitness tracker.

Misfit came out with a number of fitness tracker before and they all generally got good reviews from the netizens. I was in the market for a fitness tracker after the one I got from HPB drowned in my washing machine, so I did quite a bit of research on this subject. I actually wanted to get Misfit Shine at the time, but because its shaped like a wrist watch and I’d love to have a wrist watch that actually tells time independently, so I ruled it out.

Fast forward to now, I already got a tracker of sorts that I really liked, its actually a GPS watch that count my steps and track my runs and more. When I got a tracker, Claire was saying she wanted one too, so it was actually great timing that we got this Misfit Ray to review.

We previously couldn’t find one that she likes, she generally don’t like to wear stuff on her wrists or to a lesser extend her neck. She will have this tendency to snag it somewhere or she will subconsciously try to remove the ‘foreign body’. She sometimes behaves like a baby, and a really fussy one..

But I’m really confident the Misfit Ray would find a way to fit Claire, not the other way around mind you.


Yeah man unboxing like those youtube stuff people. The box is.. a box. It consist of the Ray, 3x batteries it needs, and some papers.

When I first see the Misfit Ray, I’m impressed with the sleek unobtrusive look it gives off. Its basically just a cylindrical metallic tube in rose gold/copper with a single LED slit on its body, and a silicon strap branching out from both ends of the tube. Weird though it kinda remind me of Dzi beads (珠), electronic version lol. And thats basically it, minimalism at its best. Functional and chio.

Design and Features:

DSC07179_zpsok8cj9qf The Ray comes with a silicon strap, but there are many many other options for you to wear it. Its got a genuine leather strap that look awfully like it came from a Fossil factory, which make sense since Misfit was bought over by Fossil. Paired with the silicon band, you can actually wear your Ray into the pool if you want. On the slick anodized aluminum or stainless steel cylinder (depending on your choice) is a tiny multicolored LED and nothing else, no buttons or switches. You control the Ray by tapping on it. The Ray is so discreet, there’s a good chance you will forget its on you, that’s why its also good for tracking sleep patterns, you wear it to sleep. Following the instructions to load the batteries, I realised its not using rechargable batteries. I was a little disappointed in that because I liked charging my stuff… NOT. No lah charging stuff is a damn hassle, what Claire needs is another electronic to charge when she can even forget to charge her mobile phone frequently.. The batteries provided will give 6 months usage, or so they claim. I’m sure if you have itchy fingers keep tapping the Ray just to make it vibrate, that will greatly shorten its battery life. valuable-accessory_zpsph1bo95q

Pic from Misfit site

By the way, the wrist isn’t the only place you can wear the Ray. You can even wear it as a necklace! Check out their accessories here.

Misfit App and Misfit Link:

IMG_4974_zpsmprjx9te IMG_4975_zpssedmoyqs
There are 2 apps for all things Misfit. Firstly there’s the app that tracks your activities and sleep, and for you to set goals to meet. Linking it up with your Ray, you will see Misfit adopts a point system for calculating your activities, it tracks your steps, distance and calories burnt. The Ray tracks everything automatically and the app is essential as the Ray doesn’t have a display to show the progress, you only can double-tap the Ray to show a colour show on that tiny LED. And to make the tracking even more accurate, you can actually tell the device, via the app, which part of you body did you place your device, i.e. wrist, shoes, neck, or any other.. appendages..

Misfit Link on the other hand, gives you the control on the ‘triple-tap’. You can link the triple tap to any compatible app or devices, making your Ray an one button remote control. Example like controlling your music player, showing the next slide of your presentation, actuating your camera shutter, just to name a few. It gives the Ray a lot of.. potential.. but its also crippled by just one button available. You see, its only got double-tap and triple-tap. Double is already used for progress and you can’t change that. That leaves you with just triple-tap… So you can forward your music, but you can’t back the darn thing.. Its a one way street.. Well at this price point, your can’t be expecting the world, so suck it up fellas.


Well well, I’m concluding this long-winded post. The Misfit Ray I find, is not big on features. Its slightly better than basic at best, but I suspect its main emphasis is its form factor. I mean, check out that sleek sexy metal body, a cylindrical shape, cylindrical shapes get people excited. While I push jokes aside, seriously this thing is chio. You wear it like an accessory from the future. A plain jane will turn into a sports diva with this, imagine slapping on the Ray, triple-tapping it and raise you right arm, you will turn into a diva in a large plume of smoke. Ok I admit that’s some wild and lame fantasy, but this item does up your fashionista status a notch, because its sexy. Period. Misfit also offers a number of accessories so that you can match your day’s outfit with it in an OOTD. A no-frills option, wear and forget and be cool. Check out how Claire stay cool with her new tracker!

DSC07595_zpsqzq6vpcj Now Claire can track how much she walked while looking for her elusive husband. DSC07598_zpslqao9yek
A little annoyed, she started texting him, ‘accidentally’ showing off her swag tracker.

DSC07568_zpsu7faljnl The weather became too darn hot so she lifted her hair, and the focus came to that sleek cylinder around the wrist. DSC07599_zpspsjnfngu
‘The husband shall die a hundred deaths for making me wait’ so she thought.. 


Now who doesn’t like a little contest where you get a chance to win freebies?


I used to check my arrival with bus apps, but then they are not always accurate and sometimes the graphics isn’t very appealing as well… With SG Busleh, it gives me a quirky twist with an everyday app I use. There’s also a map view for me to see the nearby bus stops around me. This map is where it gets interesting, because you might spot the mysterious Misfit Ray tracker in the android app. Screenshot the Ray and post it on social media! And you stand a chance to win a Misfit Ray (worth $159)!! Mai tuu liao!

How to participate?

  1. Spot the random Misfit Ray on the nearby maps in SG BusLeh. Screenshot it!
  2. Share the screenshot on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tell us how the Misfit Ray up your style or chio-ness.
  3. Make sure your post is set to Public and tag #MISFITSG and #SGBusLeh.
  4. Winners will be announced on @SGBusLeh Facebook Page.

Visit this page for more info people: http://bit.ly/spotmisfitray

What are you waiting for? Go download the app now and find that elusive Misfit Ray! Mai tu liao!


Simon Tey