He is a masterchef P1: Pasta with Beef Sausage and mozzarella

Celebrated our first year anniversary at home. Simon cooked dinner, gave me a surprise handmade gift and we took tons of photos in our living room. ^^v
He has been doing all the cooking recently and I feel very blessed for that. 😀 Not that I don’t want to cook okay it’s just that I don’t really like the stove, I prefer oven. LOL.

Today I want to share with you this amazing dish that he prepared. It is a must to share because it’s damn good and the best part is that there isn’t much preparation because you just need the following ingredients:

  1. Beef sausage or any other kind of meat.
  2. Any type of Pasta
  3. Pasta sauce
  4. Baby Spinach
  5. Mozzarella Cheese

For pasta sauce, he used the Leggo’s Stir through sundried tomato and roasted garlic sauce. This is the first time we tried Leggo’s stir through sauce. Honestly I don’t know what is the difference because he used it the same way as how he would use the other type of pasta sauce.

The leggo’s stir through sauce contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

 photo 9300645069044_0168_1444252592761_zpsrlhp48sd.jpgI love this, especially the combination of the olive oil, garlic and tomatoes. Very fragrant and authentic.

As for Mozzarella cheese he used the Perfect Italiano Mozzarella – traditional grated. 

 photo Pefect_Italiano_Mozzarella_Traditional-Grated_250g_zpsvxlyjlux.jpeg

I highly recommend this brand because the cheese is really… just look at this.

 photo DSC02319_zpsrnmicujb.jpg


The directions are really straightforward too:

First he boil the pasta until they are al dente, at the same time washing and cutting the sausages. After the sausages are done, he stir fry them with the leggo sauce, while sprinkling mozzarella cheese. And the last step is just adding the baby spinach into the mix. That’s it! Very simple right?

 photo DSC02302_zpsexdylkqz.jpg

the pasta. I know this is cute. 😛 

 photo DSC02301_zpss7xu7day.jpg

The sausage, sauce, spinach and cheese! Looking at this makes me hungry!! 

 photo DSC02306_zps3biecfuc.jpg

Pour them onto the plate of pasta 

 photo DSC02315_zpsv1j9qtgv.jpg

TADA DINNER DONE! My miller coffee table from castlery rocks. 

 photo DSC02319_zpsrnmicujb.jpg

Can’t wait to have this again. Try this yourself too, this is my favourite meal right now.

The next post for this series will be Teriyaki Sundried tomato Chicken Steak.

Stay tune!
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