Bali 4D3N: P1 – Where we stay in Bali and our Airbnb villa review

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Travel related post today yay!! =D

Today I will talk about the villa I stayed in Bali first.

This is my first time using Airbnb (I know right!) and it was quite a pleasant experience. This is the villa I booked – At Legian Neighbourhood and Jalan Sunset Road.
 photo bali address_zpsqd6nb9th.jpg
The only thing that I disliked about Airbnb is that I need to upload 2 images of my ID card (front and back) to verify my identity. I feel insecure when I do that but if I don’t do that I can’t make any reservations too. Oh well.. And how could I forget.. I dislike paying the service fee as well.

Other than that, Airbnb is a pretty neat website for me to find a place that I adore. At least every apartment is different! Not like hotels when almost all the designs and rooms are the same. To be honest, I really like Airbnb. I love it when I can stay in pretty houses. 😀

I also booked my accommodation via Airbnb for my upcoming melbourne trip in November. 🙂

For this villa, I paid about $317 for three nights including the service fee. It is quite clean, with no bed bugs at least. But throughout our stay we encountered lots of flies, lizards, cockroaches and spiders. Well what do you expect? Check out the open area man.. cats can even come in! Honestly I don’t really like to be surrounded by bugs but.. I survived!!! This is an achievement!

Let me show you the photos of our villa first.

 photo DSC01475_zpssfysxnhl.jpg

view from the kitchen.

 photo DSC01472_zps3z8syh8s.jpg

our kitchen.

 photo DSC01476_zpsge2gotys.jpg


 photo DSC01477_zpslmim43a1.jpg

The pool. Quite surprised that it is actually quite deep. From the photos on Airbnb, I thought it is a jacuzzi pool.

 photo DSC01478_zpszt7rmq6j.jpg

We only use the pool once because I’m scared of the floating bugs.

 photo DSC01479_zpswmeizuld.jpg

Here’s our sofa and coffee table.

 photo DSC01480_zps8xlhqoiv.jpg

Entrance to our room. I prefer to stay in the room because there are too many bugs outside =( but like I say, be positive! At least there are no bed bugs!!

 photo DSC01482_zpsgxi367mp.jpg

My view from the bed.

It is a very nice and cosy villa. More than what I’d expected. The furniture looked very new as well. I think it’s normal to encounter bugs there, pretty sure that I will meet many this coming November again. Yes I’m going to Bali from 25-27 November! I won a 2 nights stay at Ametis Villa from a facebook giveaway! Very excited about it but I bought my tickets late and got to pay $690. zzz.

The area that we stayed in is quite secluded especially when our villa is situated right beside a empty grass field. Yes, imagine the bugs. It takes about 10-15minutes for us to walk to the nearest shopping mall. If you don’t mind walking and just want a good rate for your villa, you can consider staying here.

Overall I had an enjoyable 3 nights stay. The owner and villa manager are very friendly and helpful too. Really thank you both for your kindness and hospitality! 😀

I shall share with you more and of course photos in another post and for now let me scream for Melbourne first! hehehe. Counting down counting down can’t wait! Hope I will come back with lotsa good photos, the guy even bought a new lens (wide angle) for the trip! And it is freaking expensive. 

Wait for him to write the review ba~~

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