[S-series] Our Dinner Sessions: Closer to Home, a 3-in-1 Restaurant at Seletar Mall.


One day while we’re at Seletar Mall shopping for pillows and other necessities for our home, we got hungry, obviously. Because we wanted to save a bit of money, I have the tendency to go to more expensive place when I’m out with wifey, HAPPY WHAT… But ok lah my wallet unhappy liao so we should’ve gone to the food court right… While walking towards the food court, I was courted by the waiter at ‘Three’ by Table Concepts.. I saw The French Table on their menu so I got interested. There’s a The French Table (TFT) at North Point and Claire always told me we should try the table out, by eating on the table.. Ok lah its late I got too lame for my own good, pardon my lousy pun. Anyways I thought since Claire is here with me we might as well try it now. So there goes my money, bursting into flame in my pocket.

Its interesting here at Three, its a collaboration of 3 restaurants in one place. How did the owner get the franchises I have no idea, but yeah the menu consist of 3 different cuisines in one. If your partner wanna have Thai today but you feel like a French, no need to fight, just come to Three by Table Concepts, because you can have Thai and French food then add a Chawanmushi to complete the experience.

But Claire wasn’t exactly hungry to begin with.. So.. she only asked for a Salad de Jardin, basically Mesclun salad, cranberries, black olives, diced tomatoes, served with wasabi yuzu dressing. Seems like TFT adds a Japanese twist in their french food. Oh yeah did I mention it? We’re only out for TFT food. LOL.

The salad is.. sour. Very sour, well its a salad in yuzu dressing, expected. Nothing much to say just a healthy bowl of greens.

I ordered the Chef’s Signature Finely Roasted Chicken (Half) served with choice of either the normal mushroom cream sauce, Jap-twist wasabi mushroom cream sauce and Jap-twist-somemore yuzu cream sauce, topped with poached kai lan.

I guess French is all about the looks, they artistically balanced the single stalk of kai lan on top of my half chicken swimming in the yuzu cream sauce. Abstract. Yes I ordered yuzu cream sauce, for the novelty value. Other than the looks, its nice and creamy with a slight, really slight, hint of yuzu. Well I’m not complaining, the MSG in the soup is superb! And they were serious about the ‘finely roasted’ part, nicely roasted chicken meat that dislodge in strands, add the cream sauce and its délicieux!

I also ordered a glass of Thai milk tea because I never had one before, and its just.. Iced milk tea very very gao. Not to my liking.

I can’t remember how much we spent on this meal, but the chicken is the highlight of the day. Next time I’m gonna try their duck confit. Sorry Zakka and Seiro, I think out of you three I prefered the table. French one don’t play play the table.

Ok enough un-funny-lame-jokes.

au revoir!

Simon Tey