SIM – RMIT University Degree Conferment & Awards Ceremony

Attended my graduation ceremony on 24th August and I wasn’t particularly excited. I didn’t want to attend actually but I thought I should, you know just to see how the whole thing is like and all.

I don’t know why I am not thrilled at all, maybe because I spend $20+k to get this piece of paper and now I’m more lost than ever? LOL! Anyway let me share about the ceremony first..

For all SIM RMIT graduands, You will receive an email asking you to register for the ceremony. After you register, they will send you another email to ask you to log on to Serangoon Broadway Studio to place your academic regalia order and to book an appointment date to collect it.

At this point, you already need to confirm who is going, the price of the ticket for Adult is $16 and *children, $8. If I’m not wrong, you can only invite max 2 adults. Sorry I can’t really remember you better read properly when you are registering.

*For children aged 6 to 12yrs. 

At Serangoon Broadway, they will ask you to sign up for a family photo package. I don’t think it is worth it but If you want, Simon can take for you. JUST KIDDING! 

My session was at 10am and I had to reach there at 9am? Honestly I can’t remember, I only know I was so tired that I just want to get this thing over and done with.

Before entering the hall, I have to wear my gown first. Am surprised that there are staffs from Serangoon Broadway to help me with my gown and mortar board! Remember to bring 6 safety pins for them.

 photo IMG_4045_zpsbs56grqk.jpg

I wanted to show you the photos of the ceremony but decided not to as I thought it would be better for you to find it out yourself. I was basically doing nothing for the first half an hour to 45minutes, even my phone had to die on me. Can’t even play pokemon go in there.

I don’t know if I’m lucky or what BUT I am the 2nd last person to go onto the stage somemore. zzz. It was just very awkward because the whole ceremony is so solemn and I feel very uncomfortable.

After the ceremony it is time for the lunch buffet! Pretty standard lah, just like in republic polytechnic when I graduated. I actually prefer the one in RP, at least I got a diploma with merit. Anyway I didn’t know that there is a distinction award if not I would have work harder to get that. LOL.

 photo IMG_4048_zpsko5xoehi.jpg

And here finally! Congrats Claire!! It has been a tough 2 years! Lots of ups and downs definitely!

 photo IMG_4047_zpshvlug6hm.jpg

By the way I change to slippers because my feet was hurting from the heels. hahaha.

 photo IMG_4046_zpsi8rulf5t.jpg

 photo IMG_4049_zpsamiylzlh.jpg

And here is a selfie with my husband who is a co-owner of this blog. My 100% fan and he surprised me with flowers LOL.

Not gonna say any mushy stuffs here but thank you b for your support! =p

So… I don’t exactly feel excited or anything. Partly because I have ‘graduated’ for so long already. I think the toughest part is life after university. I remember I took 3 months to look for a job, I finally found one even though it is not what I really want. But beggars can’t be choosers, the economy is really bad now.

The good thing is I am working in a super fun environment, almost everyday I am laughing my ass off. But you know sometimes you just can’t help but to be moody when you think about the future, and think about what is going to happen next.

I know people will tell me, next is have babies lor! But sorry okay I don’t have any plans for that and I feel really frustrated when I have to talk about this topic. After marriage doesn’t mean you have to work on having kids, I know it is good to have kids early but every one has their own plans. And if I have kids when I am 40, that is my problem too because that is my/our choice. Maybe I should make this clearer, I don’t mind talking about having kids but I don’t like people forcing me to have kids.

Recently I am feeling extra moody too because something happen, something unexpected. I hate things that screw up my plan. I won’t talk about this because I already got better. It is just that I have high expectations and sometimes too high for my own good.

Anyway enough of ranting..

For the gown you have to return within 10 days (around there) together with your RECEIPT. You have a $150 deposit with them so it is very important that you keep your receipt. Another thing! Please take good care of the regalia, if not your deposit will be forfeited.

You also need to do a online feedback form/survey thing and they will give you a 4R photo on the day you return your gown. They will ask you to pay $50 or something to get an additional frame, but don’t bother lah just frame it yourself.

So yes this is how my ceremony goes and my thoughts on that. Feel free to send me an email to discuss anything! =)

Oh!! One more thing, I used to think that having a general degree is good (like mine, business management) but now I feel that a specialized one might be better. 

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