[Simonseries] Photogears: I’ve switched. Again.


A lot of things happened during my hiatus. I’ve shelved my film medium format camera til further notice, still love it but my pack is getting too heavy with it. I’ve bought new toys cameras, but the biggest change would be the switch from Canon 6D to Sony a7II in March 2015. Its the biggest change because it involves the most cash…

To facilitate the switch, I have to put my Canon camera and lenses up for sale. Carousell did me a great favour, because the population of jerks at the forum I always sell my stuff at is increasing. Only after getting the cash from the sales then can I afford the Sony. Don’t get me wrong, Canon was a great system, but the greedy me wanted great quality and light weight at the same time, and the Sony seem to fit the bill.

I tried to be a poser and adopt manual Leica M-mount lenses on my new camera, because they are so tiny! BUT none of my lenses are of Leica-make. Can’t blame me for being poor right.. Then not until I got my first 2 lenses did I realise that the M-mount rangefinder lenses has a longer minimum focal distance due to the rangefinder blah blah blah physics shit… in the end I spent more money to get a “close-focusing adapter” to compensate. In short, I spent spent spent lots of $$$ to get into my current system…

And heres the result: My Ultimate System (incomplete) actually.. (I don’t think it will ever be complete TBH…)

My standard kit

  1. Sony Alpha a7II
  2. Voigtlander LM-E Mount Close focusing Adapter
  3. Voigtlander Color-Skopar 28mm f3.5 LTM
  4. Zeiss C-Sonnar 50mm f1.5
  5. Voiglander Heliar-Classic 75mm f1.8

While there are lots of things i miss about my ex-DSLR after I got into this system, like the optical viewfinder (I manual-focus faster with optical) and the better ergonomics of a DSLR… the savings on my shoulder-ache is worth it. I think I’m never looking back, unless theres a full-frame DSLR as tiny as this camera, I might consider it.

Lets end this boring post with a sample pic from this not-so-new toy.

Bye bye

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