[Travel] Taiwan Jiufen – Teapot Mountain 茶壺山 Part 1 of 3

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I think I prefer Windows over Mac anytime. Just like Mos Burger over Macdonald.

My Fujitsu died on me after 5years and now I’m using Macbook to edit my photos.. For some reason I just can’t get used to MAC!! Even though I’m using the same software to edit the photos but somehow I feel that I’m going to sprain my fingers really soon with the frequent command+s-ing.

Anyway I did some editing for the first half (almost) of my photos and realized I should just blog about JIUFEN first. It’s easier la like this, if not it will be like a post filled with random photos without any zhongdian (focus).

It’s my first time to Taiwan and I really love those taiwan sausages! :X hahaha I’m talking about food again oops. We stayed at Jiufen for 3days 2nights because of the mountains there and Taipei for the last day. Seriously the hike and the amount of footsteps we took.. 

Our initial plan is to train from Taoyuan to Ruifang. We need to stop at Badu (as shown below) to change train to Ruifang, but we took all the way to San kang? Honestly can’t remember.. Anyway the right way is to stop at Badu, change to another line in order to go to Ruifang.

Then from Rui fang, take a bus to Jiufen.

 photo DSC00132_zpsn3axmwfz.jpg

 photo DSC00133_zps91d3lw3z.jpg

 photo DSC00144_zps8jgsohfr.jpg

 photo DSC00147_zpsullmguve.jpg

 photo DSC00154_zpsii5ieohr.jpg

We wanted to take a bus to Jiufen (either 788 or 1062 at a bus stop where we had quite a difficult time looking for it) as it will be easier for us to find our Minsu, BUT was stopped by a cab driver. The uncle told us that we should cab to Jiufen instead because the shops are closing at 8 and we should hurry there in order to get our dinner fixed. Of course we hear already abit sian la, because we were hungry and were super duper tired already. The best part is that it’s only 50NTD for one person and we probably thought that was quite a deal at that point in time.

I thought we could go off once we were seated inside, BUT he suddenly say that 2 more person is reaching and we just need to wait awhile more..  I don’t know if I heard wrongly previously but I don’t remember him saying about sharing with other people? Or maybe he did but I just can’t register his accent? Ok nevermind.. The thing is we waited for about 15minutes and it’s getting closer to 7pm, I was already angsty to begin with + the bus we wanted to take already went off + I realized the 2 person that he mentioned earlier actually rejected his offer. So now he is telling me he ASSUMED they will be taking? -_-

I think he wait until he also become frustrated because apparently he claimed he has to go back to taipei. mmm SO he said he would give us a discount which we will just need to pay for 3person (150NTD) and he can just drive us there where we can put down our luggage and finally enjoyed our evening.

It doesn’t sound like it’s benefitting us but we have no choice but to just go along lor, since it’s already so late. We told him where we stay hoping that he will bring us to our Minsu and that we can finally put down our luggage and rest. BUT he stopped at the street instead. He told us we will find our minsu once we walked down the stairs. We ended up sweating and nearly died trying to find the place! S was the one with the luggage bag and he was very shagged and angry.

Anyway long story short, we took about 15-20mins trying to find our Minsu, with S going up and down the stairs with the 15kg luggage. I feel super bad about it because most of my stuffs are with him. :l

Eventually we found our Minsu, all thanks to the owner of another Minsu there AND we also found out that we have walked pass that area a couple of times. -_-

We were so tired that we didn’t even take a photo of our Minsu but you can check out the room over here: http://www.young66.com/ we stayed in the ‘xiao hei guai room’.

The room was very cosy and nice, except for the second night where we encountered a gigantic spider!!! It was damn scary and I had to call the owner to come up and sweep it off. What’s with us and all these insects??

 photo DSC00156_zps7ivshvu0.jpg

The owner prepared breakfast for us for the 2days that we stayed there. 😀 Our plan for our first day was to go to the Jinguashi, Gold Museum and hike up the teapot mountain(無耳茶壺山). He wanted to conquer 2mountains in a day but I can’t make it. 

It’s quite easy to go to Jinguashi, we just took the bus 788 and the bus driver will ask the passengers to alight. One good thing about Taiwan is we can converse in mandarin and it’s so so so much easier than going to Japan!!!

There were alot of koreans man.. they are everywhere now.. I wanted to take a look at the ‘Four Joined of Japanese-Style Residence” (四連棟) but it was closed down. For reno I guess? and I hope that I’m right about the name of the place. ><

 photo DSC00165_zpsumnadjsx.jpg

 photo DSC00163_zpsieoiqjnb.jpg

 photo DSC00167_zpsvgx5xizp.jpg

 photo DSC00180_zps1kkyq7r3.jpg

Please note everybody: This is the details of my trip. But I will be uploading one more post to shortlist the beautiful pictures that were taken by me and Simon. MOSTLY Simon. 🙁
Actually I’m quite happy he’s into photography because I can post awesome pics on my instagram!

Well of course my first sausage of the trip! It was not too bad. better than the one at Xi men ding lor..

 photo DSC00186_zpsjf4i1oks.jpg

How I wish I have all the vsco filters in my laptop leh.. Like that all my pics will be uniformed and awesome.

 photo DSC00189_zpslad2hmqv.jpg

 photo DSC00192_zpsxqr6k3id.jpg

 photo DSC00193_zpsi3owlrhk.jpg

 photo DSC00187_zpsftirzbbk.jpg

 photo DSC00198_zpsfbjebbo7.jpg

 photo DSC00202_zpsnmcxtwdm.jpg

 photo DSC00223_zpswjbz713r.jpg

 photo DSC00225_zpsuhwuvglt.jpg

 photo DSC00231_zpstmo38f7a.jpg

Can you spot the teapot mountain 茶壺山? My legs were aching very badly!

 photo DSC00240_zpslwiroom3.jpg

 photo DSC00244_zps9gpqzgmt.jpg

 photo DSC00264_zpsoc3kxfmr.jpg

 photo DSC00270_zpsrcatcm0v.jpg

* my favourite pic *

 photo DSC00276_zpskfujfhar.jpg

 photo DSC00277_zpskhthgxlp.jpg

 photo DSC00278_zpsourab50v.jpg

 photo DSC00283_zps8oc4lxnp.jpg

 photo DSC00288_zps11mbba0e.jpg

we .. really .. walked/climbed.. alot ..

 photo DSC00289_zps5mz4envj.jpg

We bought chicken chop bento for our lunch from the bento shop which you can scroll up to take a better look at it. It was very yummy but I forgot to take picture. Anyway we bought the set which allow us to bring the tin and chopsticks back as souvenirs.

 photo DSC00295_zps9ieudird.jpg

 photo DSC00300_zpswrhtzvvh.jpg

Does it look like a teapot to you? And can you spot Simon up there?

 photo DSC00304_zpsxaarzriy.jpg

I realized I am abit afraid of heights so I was standing at one corner trembling..

 photo DSC00306_zpsbztdsity.jpg

It was very beautiful but hot. Was supposed to be autumn but the temperature was around 30-31, we were so disappointed. After conquering the mountain, we went back to Jiufen and had our dinner. This post became abit lengthy so the jiufen old street photos will be in the next post. 🙂

Till then,